hacker wanted

  1. L

    Laundromats are cool

    Hi all. I do love buckets of quarters but sometimes get bored so I'm spending time with Quora. It's the next Google I think. Anyway, when all my work is done, I answer questions and pose them. Looking to rent or buy another Partner Account though, and that's why I'm here.
  2. D

    I Keep Getting BANNED! Need help.

    So here's the thing, I really need your guys' help. I've been trying to use this website (won't mention its name, just in case they see this), but I keep getting suspended eventually, I've tried everything and I get suspended anyways. Here's what I have tried so far: Trying A LOT of...
  3. Rinchan Baltis

    Can we Trace any Laptop through its MAC Address?

    hey! i wanna know that can we trace a person who stole a laptop. just got a MAC address only can we trace thief location? while using kali?
  4. M


    hi, looking for a hacker to hack a twitter account? anyone know anyone
  5. Z

    Great Experience?

    I'm so glad ive finally found time to signup on here. This site has helped in a lot of ways. Mod Edit: Marketing aspect of post deleted.
  6. A

    Twitter Account Help Needed Urgently!

    Hello, I am new to BlackHatWorld. Someone on Freelancer told me that I could find help here. Basically, my verified twitter and associated email account have been hacked. The hacker gained access to my email first and then reset my twitter password. I have a project posted of freelancer for this...