1. Cro7

    Best builder + theme for speed on WordPress?

    Hello, I have a website built on elementor, and it's not the fastest one. I read a lot about Gutenberg and many recommend it. Experts, I am asking you ---- What theme + builder is the best for woocommerce website that will be fast? Thank you in advance!!
  2. nanowhiz

    Blogging with Classic WordPress or Gutenberg based ?

    I am still not comfortable with using Gutenberg based Editing panel of WordPress for blogging purpose and have been using Classic Editor to get the same old experience. How about you? Is Gutenberg editor good enough to switch to it? Does Grammarly work with Gutenberg blocks now?
  3. shawn_007

    Gutenberg Vs. Classic Editor : Your comfort level

    Hello Friends, Which editor do you use for your Content pages or Blog posts? Do you also use additional plugin / blocks to beautify or enhance your blog post ? What challenges do you face with Gutenberg or Classic editors? Thank you! Appreciate each one for your responses in advance.
  4. Vincenzo Udinesi

    How do you format text and blocks in WordPress blog posts?

    Hi everyone, Despite having some success with SEO and monetization on my websites, I have not been able to understand any way to lay my text/images etc correctly in blog posts. I use WordPress. First, I thought it had something to do with the themes I use. Bought couple of premium...
  5. CallMeOP

    Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0

    Hello BHW, I am interested to know what are your thoughts on the upcoming changes to WordPress along with the huge updates. For those unaware: (hope I can post this link) It explains what Gutenberg is and what you should be looking out...
  6. iterate777

    Anyone Else Hearing About Including Gutenberg in WP 5.0's Core Last Few Months?

    It is basically an upgrade to wordpress making visual editing easier. But, some people are butthurt saying it will break most plugins. Also, they are saying you'll have to use html elements to format your text since they are getting rid of tinyMce. It is going to be included as a core part of...