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    Bought followers a few times.

    Hello! To start, I’m new so I apologise about any inconvenience that my boob questions/post can cause. So, I got an instagram account (personal), it is like 7 years old. It has 1300 followers, I bought around 800 followers (200+200+200+200) like 4-5 months ago, with time I’ve lost like 200...
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    Instagram Followings scrape

    Hi, I am using Socinator for Instagram. Its has very good scraper tool, but you can add private whitelist. I need to do this. Today I'm testing GTM2. It has private whitelist, but I can find tool to scrape. I need to scrape list of users following and be able to add it to whitelist. Can I do...
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    GMT2 - Post Your Templates Here

    Many of us on this forum use GMT2 for Instagram, and if you're like me, it can be a bit time consuming to set up new niche templates (primarily find accounts to follow users from and reposting from). I thought that perhaps people could submit their template code that they've uploaded, with a...