gst help

  1. CreativeLinks

    Questions regarding GST in India

    Hi Folks I have a question regarding GST in India We know that there is no GST for foreign transations made from India, but my CA advise me to pay GST directly to my GST account and take refund later. For example, If I made foreign transactions of 5,00,000 INR(on Multiple transactions) for...
  2. praveen545445

    Gst help

    Is it possible to not take gst from customer on small item if i am selling on amazon because there is no margin in profit if i take gst on small item also because there is alot shipping charge + commision + misc expense so what can i do ?
  3. praveen545445


    Ok i had started my business recently in amazon i have big major issue do i need to file gst return or not because some people says i need to file & some are saying if you have below 20 lakh turnover then you don't need to file gst i am so much confused & i had sold only two items till now & i...
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