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  3. 710fla

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  4. B.Shahin

    Any one recommend a method to make sites list for GSA SER

    Hi all, I see some methods to make lists for GSA SER, but some are old and some other takes many and many times on servers with very low results. any one here can recommend me a good/effective method to make a sites list for GSA SER, also if there is some software needed, it is okay to mention...
  5. Cratos

    Best GSA SER Verified List Provider?

    Since my old provider is no longer offering his GSA SER list service since he's making so much damn money doing other things. Do any of you know of a good provider? Would greatly appreciate your opinions.
  6. Tylor jr

    [GET][Giveaway] GSA SER Verified Lists Nov 26/2016

    Hello BHW, Here is the list of freshly scraped GSA SER power list. Sales Page - Download - Mega - Key Cheers !!
  7. F

    Faster url/list scraping? PLS HELP

    Hello, is there any way to set more efectivly GSA SER to scrape URL, because i have scrapebox and that is million times faster, but problem is that it freezes in the middle of the process and if i add to many KWS and want to stop harvesting and add new proxies after i hit stop/pause harvesting...
  8. A

    Free 25,000 verified GSA SER lists (with updates)

    I read tihs forum for a very long time, learned here a lot and want to return something to this great community, its one of my verified GSA SER lists, it`s processing still and growing, so it will be updated. anyone interested PM me
  9. nabeelshams

    Share your GSA identified, submitted or verified list [Help Newbies]

    Hello, I bought GSA a while back. I have not been very successful with the software for following reasons:1. I dont have a very fast Internet connection2. Dont have any private or semi private proxiesThis is why I haven't been able to successfully scrape millions of target urls with speed and...
  10. webmasterbd

    Need help with my GSA LPM!

    Hi there everyone! Can anyone help me with my GSA as I am getting very low LPM lately. vps has kvm processor 2.13 ghz(4 processors), 4gb ram,80 gb hard disk,100mbps line,10 private proxies.GSA thread 120,timeout 200 yet I am getting shitty LPM like 4-5. I have done everything I can think of yet...