groups on facebook

  1. M

    Can’t post on groups in facebook

    Hey guys at first am not good English, i was posting on groups to much posts and i get ban on main account and create more than 15 accounts and all accounts getting baned after post anything on groups so anyone know what should i do ,need help guys my work depends on that?
  2. SeasonedCode

    [METHOD & GUIDE] Facebook groups are a Gold mine to get leads for your online business

    hello, folks a while ago I published this method and a lot of people think Facebook groups are dead and there is a lot of spam, it is True there is a lot of spam if you don't take your time to find the right...
  3. ourfella

    Etsy facebook group JV, my 40k group + your monetization

    So I have a fairly large group with a bunch of ladies, mostly in the United States/UK. The vast majority are Etsy sellers but I haven't had much luck selling anything to them. If you have any ideas on how to better monetize the group let me know and we can work something out.
  4. O

    What is your best facebook group?

    tell me about your best Facebook group, cause i have a new idea that i think is a very interesting one that will help people
  5. F

    Monetizing a Facebook group (I don't have AdSense)

    Hello BHW, I have 2 Facebook Groups that are related to the "Classic Muscle Cars" Niche, and I want to profit from them (I don't have Adsense) The group members are a mix of several countries: * Group 1 (300k members) - It's grown 14k+ members over the last 28 days. United States (207k)...
  6. Chuchitas_009

    How to promote facebook groups?

    Hola de nuevo, quisiera saber como puedo promocionar grupos de facebook gratis, algunas sugerencias porfavor, gracias.
  7. alurosu

    Is there a section for selling facebook groups?

    Is selling facebook groups allowed on BHW? If so where should I post? I keep searching with no luck. There aren't many offers. I've seen one in Marketing -> Misc. Should I post there? Thanks
  8. nilkam

    (Giveways) Extract Data From any FB Groups For First 5 People

    Hey Friends Today I'm Free and i make this giveway for First 5 People who comment here Comment Here and PM me Fb Group Link that you want data Note - this is Only for First 5 People who comment here Fist Comment Here and then send me link in private message Only One Group Allowed send me only...
  9. nykkusek

    My posts are violating community standards about spam. PLEASE HELP :(

    Hey, i have big problem! :( Since around May/June i cannot post basically anything into Facebook Groups. I'm using new domains, without history and after even one post i get this notification. It doesn't matter what's on my site.. It could be photo of flowers, it could be link to CPA offer...
  10. X

    Problem with my Facebook Group

    I know that know pages are not worth to grow organically so now i explain you my situation : I have a facebook page that have 11klikes and i was having always great engagement and all of the sudden the last month Facebook killed my reach i tried everything possible nothing worked , with this...
  11. Meyerlansky81

    how do people build so many bots for there facebook group?

    after watching videos of all the "shopify GURUS" i'm in most of the big groups where theres about 10-15k people in those groups, after clicking on about 10 people to look at there profile, there basically fake accounts i think 1 or 2 looked real as they had engagement and they were posting and...
  12. FindDIY

    Facebook Will Start Going After Groups

    Looks like Facebook groups are no longer safe from "community guidelines."
  13. FindDIY

    Low Group Post Reach

    In case anyone is wondering why posts in Facebook groups are getting crappy reach its because they changed how group members are notified. We are sent highlights of what Facebook thinks we want to see from the group instead of a notification of when someone makes a post. That's why if you look...
  14. N

    Facebook Closed Groups members

    Greetings, everyone. I'm impressed to see so many people doing probably similar job as I do. I've been doing my Marketing Business of facebook getting new people to my page for 5 years already and just today I've realised that there is a forum for all those people. Basically I browse facebook...
  15. S

    How can get shares in US fb groups?

    I want promote my blog about soccer, and i want know what is the best service to promote links in facebook. the smm panels look all the same and with any confidence. What can suggest to me that don't be buy jarvee and request access to groups Thanks
  16. Nintendo

    Can you get blocked from commenting in your own group?

    Is it possible to get blocked from commenting in your own group if you make the same comment in multiple posts with the same text except for tagging different members each time, with a link to a product? I've noticed that *way* more people like/comment/share the post than actually click the...
  17. B

    Facebook - How long should I wait between postings to groups?

    How long for same image/link between let's say 50 groups? Are 5 minutes enough?
  18. N

    facebook groups

    hi guys i wanna know ho to find Americans facebook groups
  19. I

    Facebook Groups Posts reach fells drastically

    Hi everyone, as I titled before I was out for a while from posting in FB groups and when I came back into it I noticed I'm not able anymore to get the same results of two months ago. It seems to me that something has changed in facebook algorithm because content type I shared, groups and posting...
  20. S

    Adding friends from a group

    I joined a few facebook groups and I want to add the members to be friends on my facebook page. Is it likely I'd run into trouble adding these people since there is a common link since we are in the same group. I saw some post about sending friend request limits ranging from 20-50 a day, depends...
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