green dot

  1. S

    Easiest way to get paid anonymously

    Hey there, I was just wondering if anyone out there would have any good ideas of how a guy could accept payment easily and anonymously. Right now, I'd be getting $20 here or there. It would maybe total up to $100 for the first month. Paypal you have to get an account set up and get it verified...
  2. N

    Need greendot prepaid, bigG checkout and offshore host

    Any ideas on how to set up an anonymous payment to an offshore hosting company? Do i use greendot prepaid visa and does the big G checkout accept that form of payment? I am in the US and can not use a credit card or paypal of my own because i am covering another business' costs for a few...
  3. M

    PayPal close your account? Get a new one...

    Giving back to black hat.... This method may be posted somewhere on the forum but I could not find it using the handy dandy search tool :p . If so I apologize in advance. Also, to some of you this may seem very easy but I have been asked how to do this several times over the past week. Step 1...
  4. bobbys

    does google Adwords accept Greendot credit cards?

    ..ya know the ones you buy at Walmart and load with cash? It says theyre accepted everywhere visa/mastercard is accepted, but has anyone ever used one to put money into Adwords? thanks
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