1. d60660

    Newbie here - determined to make it happen.

    Hey guys! Happy to have found this site and to be among all of you. So much to learn - focused, humbled, grateful, and ready. Let's smash it!
  2. antonbloom

    Pandemic gratitude

    I took a lot of things for granted untill this pandemic happened. Was a fast lane and never paused to soak in my environment. Now, I'm grateful for everything,no matter how small or seemingly insignificant it might appear.
  3. D


    This is random, I just felt like sharing. It's really cool to be a kid and do internet marketing and I'm really grateful for my dad taking care of me and providing for me. It's just a hundred times easier building online businesses when you have no bills to pay. Every single bit of money I get...
  4. chaabanov

    300th Post

    Yep, this is my 300th post. Nothing to celebrate here, just happy to be a part of this great community. BHW has played a crucial part in my IM ventures, and I wouldn't have done anything without it. :) Thanks to everyone on this forum!
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