graphic design job

  1. kimy

    [WTH] Graphic Designer for #2 logo designs (only high quality service)

    Hi there, I need a Graphic Designer to design 2 logo I'm looking for quality. Not looking for a $9 fiver gig, that's why I'm posting here. I'm gonna send you the sketch of my idea and the style I want them to be designed and you tell me if you can do it and how much that would be. Thanks
  2. E

    Excited: Got my very first Upwork hourly contract!

    Though I had many Fixed price contacts before, this is my first ever Hourly contact, I am very happy ;-)
  3. KamilF

    Need To Hire Full Time Freelancer For My Promotional Products Websiteq

    Hello, I need a reliable and solid graphic designer. Full time. You have to be skilled in photoshop and illustrator. My niche is in challenge coins. If you do not know what that is, go to google and type it in. You can also type in challenge coin proof to see how artwork usually looks like...