graphic artist

  1. ciphercipher1

    Hiring Graphic Designer

    I am building a brand that will sell CBD / HHC / HHC-O vapes and etc. It will be mari*uana focused. For now the business is ran completely offline but I think it is time to scale it. I am making my own liquid for the vapes, so I plan on becoming the top seller for my region. I need someone who...
  2. vigyavan

    Looking for a graphics designer for my software

    I am building a telegram marketing software and I am looking for graphics which can gain attention of people.
  3. serpmedia

    Looking to Hire Somone to Make an Infographic for BHW Sales Thread.

    Hi! Looking for someone who can make an awesome infographic for a BlackHatWorld Sales Thread. Please send me Skype, samples, anything! Looking to hire ASAP!
  4. docparnaxus

    Doc is back

    Good evening BHW family I'm back here, used to read some post mostly as entertainment and quick info, but after traveling around the world my job that is not related to the Internet I started thinking that it would be nice to have some half-automated earnings while I'm at sea cruising. I'm from...
  5. J


    In all honesty, Tee Spring should be easy to set-up, even for someone like me, but I simply do not want to mess with any of the technical stuff. I am more interested in learning the marketing part of Tee Spring, like their Boosted Network, and having the time to let my brain get creative. Tee...
  6. ObserverDesigner

    Hello hello Hello

    Yes, three hellos because you are special. I am new here, call me Observer for now. My last post just got deleted and flagged -3points because it appears I was "selling". I dunno how this works tho, please be nice. Cheers...
  7. zerolimit

    [Professional] VA Team | Admin - Content - Graphic - Code | High Quality, Reasonable Pricing

    VIRTUAL ASSISTANT SERVICES SAVE TIME, SAVE $$$ FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS - LET US DO THE REST! FAQ 1. Can you do ... ? Yes, we do accept all kind of task. If it's not something we're familiar at, you can train us first for some time, or provide screencast video / walkthrough document so we...
  8. NiklasG.

    How do I rank my fiverr gigs higher?

    Hey I have 3 fiverr gigs online as an digital artist / photographer / graphic designer. Is it because fiverr is flooded with graphic designers or why do I not get any clicks. I only have one 5 star review from a friend of mine but still I don't get any other jobs. (btw I tried upwork but they...
  9. M

    Design Your Creative Logo

    Hello, everyone ! I am Full time graphic designer at Fiverr. i am specializing in vector illustration, Trace/Recreate logo's,Graphics, images, illustrations,
  10. Alacrity Digital

    Digitally Hand-Drawn Graphic Design [Logos, Mascots, T-shirts]

    Video Showcasing The Graphic Creation Process FAQ How will be graphics be delivered? All orders will be delivered to the email address used during the payment process. A ZIP file will be sent, which will include an editable .PSD, as well as a .PNG and .JPG. TAT will depend on the package...
  11. Richard Batsbak

    Create Instagram HQ Content

    Hello, I´m looking for someone who is able to clone content that I will provide. So for example, I will provide you content like that: You will then just clone the content which means, changing colors, clip art, arrangement, @tag etc. Import for me is, that you are able to keep a style and...
  12. D

    Graphics designer needed.

    I need a well experienced graphics designer to give some jobs to do for me. Kindly get intouch with me to discuss in full details.
  13. nedzone

    Hello Black hats

    Hello everyone. Im so glad that i found this inspiring forum from where i can teach and apply some of its methods in times of need (like atm) i am an Graphic / UX UI designer specialised in Logo, poster and business card design. Just got fired from my last job hope there is a brighter future out...
  14. Y

    a gaphic designer

    hi , im youssef from morroco , im very happy today to join your community
  15. J

    Hello! I'm New Here. Hoping to Learn & Improve my Skills Here

    I'm looking for a company or person that can truly help me both in learning and earnings. I can say that I'm a flexible employee that can perform different task.
  16. B

    Looking for Graphic Design/Social Media design artist

    Looking to hire someone to help design my brand. I have a design guide, a logo, and a banner already I can send you. I'm in need of the logo being edited for Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube Avatars. I need a minimalist wavy vibe for my twitch overlay and panels. Need someone who...
  17. flowda

    Hi! New in the forum! I like Instagram Marketing and Graphic Design

    Hi everyone! I am new here and my main focus now on marketing is developing my 3 Instagram Accounts! One about my lifestyle, other about Graphic Design (where i advertise my current job) and the third about Architecture (what i study on college, my true passion).
  18. Universe0

    Found an exceptional graphic designer, need ideas..

    Hello, i found a very good designer while i was searching for a graphic designer to design some t-shirt. But the designs he has sent me are way better than the regular photoshop + google fonts + quotes. Do you have any ideas for any type of business that this designer can help me?
  19. knielzen19

    Need a video editor/tube uploader/content writer/graphic artist?

    Good day BlackHatWorld! I'm currently looking for work and can offer you these services: -video editing/watermarking -video rendering to different formats and resolutions -video uploading to tube sites -managing tube site channels -creating logos, banners, cover photos, thumbnails etc. -content...
  20. mandica21


    I'm Mande from Croatia. I came on this site to find best way to promote my work. I do graphic design, drawings, painting ,etc...
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