1. Brickbat1

    Vote : Jarvee vs GramMultiTool 2

    This came up during discussions in this thread here: Some prefer GMT2's pricing model because of scale, choosing to forego some perceived features of Jarvee. Whats your take? Vote and then tell us why you voted what...
  2. M

    What going on

    Hi every one. I am a newbie in CPA amrketing. After learning some tips from this forum I started an Insta Journey. I use Grammulti Tools 2 for automation and bought privates proxies. My goal is to reach 20follower/day per account. Started my 3 accounts yesterday. Today, only one account got 14...
  3. Hobbe

    GMT2 BOT Stuck on scraping for followers

    Just got my GMT2 Bot set up and now it has been scraping for followers for a really long time. I tested the unfollowing module and it worked perfectly
  4. Loki Lavey

    CPA Journey! $0-$50 per Day!

    12 Days In - Broke 20$! Total:$21.62 (1\14\2018) As of right now, I have four Instagram accounts, with a separate domain name in each bio, all leading to the same landing page. I offer two apps on this page, as well as a few buttons to follow me etc. All of my links to the site lead through...
  5. Edvard Benk

    About GramMultiTool 2.... [I purchased]

    I have purchased the GMT2 subscription, and I am quite frankly PISSED Not only is it the same exact features as the beta version, it's actually less stable than the beta version. Right-click -> "overview" leads to constant freezes that can only be fixed by either waiting for + minutes for the...