1. Dmitry Belanskiy

    Instgram GMT2 Accounts Get Suspicious Activity Status

    Hello,marketing sharks) I am using Gram Multitool to manage my 50-100 instagram accounts in adult niche.I create them through igrammtool(this is bot for creating instagram accounts) After a couple actions of following users,accounts get flagged and receive status - "Suspicious Activity" ...I...
  2. S

    GMT2 - Post Your Templates Here

    Many of us on this forum use GMT2 for Instagram, and if you're like me, it can be a bit time consuming to set up new niche templates (primarily find accounts to follow users from and reposting from). I thought that perhaps people could submit their template code that they've uploaded, with a...
  3. Edvard Benk

    About GramMultiTool 2.... [I purchased]

    I have purchased the GMT2 subscription, and I am quite frankly PISSED Not only is it the same exact features as the beta version, it's actually less stable than the beta version. Right-click -> "overview" leads to constant freezes that can only be fixed by either waiting for + minutes for the...