grammar checker

  1. H

    Free, Open-Source & Automatable Grammar Checking Tool (LanguageTools)

    So a while ago, I was struggling with making bulk AI content cheaply and making it at least human readable. I coded up A LOT of different basic grammar checking tools, spell checking, did some NLTK stuff that just made everything incredibly hard, and in general it was just a mess. That is...
  2. blue_lime

    Grammar Automatically Fix Mistakes In Wordpress

    Hello, Is there any way how to fix grammar automatically in wordpress post articles? Do you know any plugin what gives you feature to fix grammar in bulk or python library? Thank you. ************** Well, of course we know grammarly extension for chrome but it's manual. I would like to...
  3. Pro-Hustler

    [HELP] Grammarly premium acc for content

    hey mates, I'm asking a favor is there any working tweaks to get hold on grammarly premium. I'm deeply in need of it's premium version. please pm if you have any acc to giveaway Waiting for your kind responses.
  4. natedogg

    Best Grammar Checker

    Can any one recommend a grammar checker...I'm not the best writer.
  5. E

    Software to fix English grammar in unlimited wordpress blogs

    I have developed a software to fix the grammar of my blogs using , the software has not any limits so I can check and fix the grammar of 100 wordpress blogs at the same time but also the software update the post automatically on your sites. The software display the...
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