1. dotc0m

    GramDominator Bot Login/Stop Campaign loop

    Hello, This question is for people running automation bots. I am using gramdominator 2.5, and have my following, like, comment, and post campaigns running throughout different times in the day. I have noticed that when the campaigns are awaiting there designated time to run, they continue to...
  2. M

    Instagram Account Promotions

    Hi there, Following the success of my previous work with FaceDominator and Facebook Page Promotions I am now moving into Instagram. You can see my Facebook journey thread here: Software: As I have been very happy with the work...
  3. SirSOS

    Instagram Bot

    What are your thoughts on Gram Dominator? Is it legit? Has any of you ever used it before and if yes what is your feedback.
  4. S

    GramDominator2.5 - Malware?

    I purchased the monthly plan today, for $9.99, and when I went to download the file on my PC, Avast caught it and said Malware. So I asked support, they said to disable it. I didn't, I asked for their Apple Mac Version. Once I downloaded the zip file, I went to Virus Total, uploaded the file...