1. leadingsmm

    Vps and instagram?

    I need to run 1k new Instagram accounts with gramdominator..lets say 16/24 hours. What vps do you recommend as specifications? What vps’ companies do you recommend..if you can leave any link! & thanks.
  2. F

    bot question: identify as mobile device vs. normal browser?!?

    Hello forum :cool:, maybe you could help me with a general question. I noticed that among (instagram) bots some identify themselves as a mobile device (instadub e.g. I think?), others identify themselves as normal webbrowser (FollowingLike e.g. I think). (As far as I understand it, some...
  3. D

    Gramdominator Settings

    Hello, I am using Gramdominator for one week. Now I must unfollow, does anyone know the best unfollow/follow settings for Gramdominator.
  4. A

    Followliker Insta Acc Still Won't Log in PLUS.. (FL scamming?)

    So the followliker team seems to ignore customers as they see fit. Still waiting on someone to properly assist me. To add to that, one of my accounts suddenly stopped unfollowing. In the statistics it shows that it unfollowed a certain amount of people but in reality it hasn't. Waiting on the...
  5. A

    Followliker Insta Acc Won't Log in (FL scamming?)

    Hey guys I'm new here. Hope I'm posting this in the right forum. I have a particular instagram account account on FL that keeps giving me the error "Account paused because there is need to answer email security question" and under status it says "EMAIL". It's not the proxy. Another account runs...
  6. M

    Instagram Account Promotions

    Hi there, Following the success of my previous work with FaceDominator and Facebook Page Promotions I am now moving into Instagram. You can see my Facebook journey thread here: Software: As I have been very happy with the work...
  7. nwide

    Instagram BOT - We need a real solution ( Like and issue )

    Hello everyone. we are a pro-SMM team, we work with a Bot on Instagram. As we all know, games have changed since September, and the issues are so many. The problems we have encountered in the last two months were: Can't-do like posts (or very few like) / Important daily slowdowns I want you...
  8. aminosi

    108 link click ( vs 14 clicks on Ogads is that normal ? ( INSTAGRAM CPA)

    Hi guys I'm starting my journey on Instagram a week a go I have about 8 account ( creat them my self ) running on Gramdominator I'm using a Vps too , my account are running 24hours a day following 800 each day... Today's statistics show 108 click on bitly here's from Ogads 14 click , 2...
  9. B

    [IG_JOURNEY] Managing 3 accounts to get 100k Followers

    Hey guys, BD here. So I plan on growing 3 accounts using an IG bot, so far I have a VPS with Gramdominator. Hope to get Followliker since it is more stable, but not a fan of the new monthly/per account payment. 3 accounts on different niches and different future plans: Purpose/Posts per...
  10. GangsterWilly

    [EXPERIENCE] Best Instagram Bot and Why?

    Dear BHW Instagram bot users, could you share your experience with bots that you are currently using and suggest some bots that can do following: Change many accounts settings with few clicks ( Follows amount, intervals, users to follow . Has followers/follows ratio filter. Can set blacklist...
  11. TheDutchLegend

    Instagram Helpdesk - BlackHatWorld

    Hi guys! Let's keep it short. Ask here anything about instagram. What are your problems etc I'll do my best to answer them all and help you with it! About me I am Wahe. I am doing Instagram already few years. I am kind of experienced. Am now running 300+ accounts. Soon i'll start...
  12. Jiung

    Instagram + Shopify Dropshipping (50 accounts!) - Road to $500/day!

    I have gone through many adventures throughout my stay on this forum such as amazon affiliate sites, dropshipping through fb and reddit, and much more. As my primary purpose of my recent dropshipping site was to squeeze as much money as possible, so that I can have money to throw away on...
  13. S

    GramDominator2.5 - Malware?

    I purchased the monthly plan today, for $9.99, and when I went to download the file on my PC, Avast caught it and said Malware. So I asked support, they said to disable it. I didn't, I asked for their Apple Mac Version. Once I downloaded the zip file, I went to Virus Total, uploaded the file...
  14. Z

    Followliker VS. Gramdominator

    I'm figuring out a way to get into this Instagram game. A long time I was thinking about buying followliker. However a few weeks ago they started to charge monthly + the initial 100$ That made me reconsider if there's anything else available and I came across this Gramdominator. Now, is there...
  15. d1129

    IG Journey - 50 accounts, Gramdominator, 30 days

    Hi BHW, So I was inspired by indianbill's IG thread with a goal of 100k followers and 10k in one month. I have been using a different instagram bot the last few months but purchased gramdominator for this journey. While Indianbill has a great reputation I thought a journey thread from someone...
  16. nerdy44

    Does followliker deserve the 97$ ?

    Since the shut down of mass planner, I've been searching for a good alternative and I get LOST. So I decided to do a list of alternatives hoping to suggest the best one for you even if it's not on the list. Answers with some arguments may be helpful cause I'm sick of the mainstream answers like...
  17. sam.hunt0710

    GramDominator 2.5 is out - Brand New Version (Recoded from scratch)

  18. R

    Not Another Instagram + OGADS Journey!

    What?: Newbie Instagram+OGADS Journey to Make $$$ Who?: Hey guys, I'm a 20-something year old, long time lurker, with a whatever 9-5 that allows internet access. The only money I've made online is with a couple amazon affiliate sites that still make $$ a month after I abandoned them. My heart...
  19. James Owens

    What is instagram's daily follow/unfollow limit?

    Does anybody know these limits. I'm using the Gramdominator bot and I've followed over 300 people in last couple hours. I've set my follow delay to 30 - 40 seconds. What are the limits?!?!?