gram multitool

  1. socialdaddy

    [HELP!] GMT2 Repost Settings

    Can anybody explain me why my repost settings are not working at all? Trying to post 1 time a day from single username targets (added 100 usernames) and only post's with +10% engagement. Account is valid F/UF is working properly Help would be really appreciated, thanks fam <3 #socialdaddy...
  2. rummblers

    Search experts for instagram bot reach building

    I am looking for a professional for building of Instagram reach for a fee. Would like to build with female profiles range to bring new visitors to my new Flirt / Chat app. Because I do not have the time to get involved, I would like to work with a specialist. Please only someone with...
  3. R

    Gram multi tool - Like Module - help needed

    Hey guys, First off all sorry for my bad english, I am not a native english speaker :) I a trying to setup the like module in GMT2 that it likes multiple post from the same scraped user. for example: GMT scraped user "instagrammer123" now i would like that the bot likes 4-7 post from that...
  4. A

    Gram multi tool v2 Repost module

    Hey guys, I cannot figure out how to use the gram multi tool repost module I would appreciate it if someone could help down in the comments!
  5. Edvard Benk

    [HELP] GMT2 issues and I seem to be completely alone with them...

    2 main issues: First - very very frequently when I try to get to "overview" of an account (double click or right click -> overview) it freezes. Just freezes. Can't do shit after that. The only solution is to go to task manager, kill the program and restart. No way around. Support says it's...
  6. Royalwithcheese

    IG bot targeting question

    hey guys im running Grammultitool 2 bot for my IG+CPA. I was wondering if there's any way to avoid following people from a particular country ? Avoid following people from france for example is that possible ?
  7. JJJackson

    |[GMT2]| Gram Multitool 2 | Instagram Automation Software

    Instagram Marketing Bot Gram MultiTool (or GMT) is a tool to fulfill all of your Instagram needs. It everything you could think off, ranging from interacting with followers to scheduling posts. With GMT you will be able to grow your follower base and engagement in a matter of weeks, without...
  8. GangsterWilly

    [EXPERIENCE] Best Instagram Bot and Why?

    Dear BHW Instagram bot users, could you share your experience with bots that you are currently using and suggest some bots that can do following: Change many accounts settings with few clicks ( Follows amount, intervals, users to follow . Has followers/follows ratio filter. Can set blacklist...
  9. U

    Running a bot online 24/7 on a VM

    Hey everyone! first of all, let me tell you that I'm almost a newbie on Instagram growth and I since I'm trying to set everything up (shooting and post producting my pictures, finding a good free BOT, getting some informations on Engagment Groups and Instagrams Follow/Like/Comment limits...
  10. JJJackson

    Gram Multitool - Instagram Social Bot - Free Trial

    Gram MultiTool - Affordable Instagram Botting Tool Pictures of The Tool: Features (As of 09/01/2016): Scraper: Follow Scraper Following Scraper Picture Scraper Popular Tags Scraper Management Account Creation (Private proxies needed) Email Verification Custom...
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