gram multi tool 2

  1. sony108

    Gram Multitool Tutorial

    Hi Everybody, i nedd a complete tutorial/Manual to configurate and understand to the perfection every setting off GM2, i see many tutorial of Jarvee, but i cant find one complete of GM2. Sorry my english! Thank you! All the best!
  2. socialdaddy

    [HELP!] GMT2 Repost Settings

    Can anybody explain me why my repost settings are not working at all? Trying to post 1 time a day from single username targets (added 100 usernames) and only post's with +10% engagement. Account is valid F/UF is working properly Help would be really appreciated, thanks fam <3 #socialdaddy...
  3. R

    Gram multi tool - Like Module - help needed

    Hey guys, First off all sorry for my bad english, I am not a native english speaker :) I a trying to setup the like module in GMT2 that it likes multiple post from the same scraped user. for example: GMT scraped user "instagrammer123" now i would like that the bot likes 4-7 post from that...
  4. R

    Instagram Bulk "Suspicious Activity" With GMT2

    Hello! I handle and grow Instagram accounts of many third parties using GMT2. I take care to use proxies from 3 different sources (Instant proxies,, proxy6). The follow activities are scheduled according to the customer's time zone, for just 3-4 hours a day. This is so too many...
  5. Gial

    GMT tool instagram,how can i learn ?

    Hi guys i would like to learn how to use GMT bot,but i can t find anything.Do you someone here,some youtube videos or anything to learn ?Thanks guys i need it because i need to repost from bug accounts and i don't t know how to do it
  6. D

    I need help with instagram follow blocks and phone verify

    I need help with instagram follow blocks and phone verify/ shadow ban ( I think) . I run instagram accounts using F/U method. Used the GMT2 tooll for this and I always get the action block after some time and also the engagement was drop for account that was not received the follow block ban...
  7. A

    Gram multi tool v2 Repost module

    Hey guys, I cannot figure out how to use the gram multi tool repost module I would appreciate it if someone could help down in the comments!
  8. durga0

    Gram Multi Tool 2 - Need advise

    Hey guys, first things first.. english is not my native language. Im trying to grow some accounts on Instagram with Gram Multi Tool 2. I love this bot because of its usability and spectrum of tools so props to the Developer's! I started with IG back in 2015-2016 with FollowLiker, but since...