1. M

    Coder for Product Grabber and import in dropshipping shops, good and fair payment, long time work ,

    Looking for Coding Services, programmed in python or similiar language good usable for small grabbing/scraping scripts. Payment is fair and work is not one time, we looking for long time work for multiple people! Please write me in Skype or Telegram telegram: @lonlyhands skype...
  2. mainceaft

    Does scrapped websites still indexed !

    Hi all , I have this simple project that I put it aside for about year not which php script that scrape whole website and convert it contents to WP post . But I'm I'm bit curios about G reaction to this duplicated contents , since the contents won be text but mostly video and maybe picture , the...
  3. Hodor Man

    [Wordpress] Movie Grabber

    I bet this question has been asked thousands of times, but still I can not manage to find the desired answer, neither on google or here. I have this little "movie website" on which I use DooPlay which also has dbmovies feature. It does create posts with the movie title, posters, description...
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