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  1. MSol2x

    What my research says - Direct Referrals: 10 Effective & Easy ways to get them

    I have been quite busy since my last post about my journey into joining the world of referral business on PTC sites. The key ingredient to earning more in PTCs and GPTs is to really get a massive amount of traffic to your site or page. From these traffic, you could collect your potential...
  2. H

    Reccommend me good service for advertisement (to get referrals)

    Hi I am thinking to buy some advertiesments (banner ads, paid tasks etc) in order to bring referrals to GPT sites , I need preferably US,CA,AU,GB,India traffic because surveys work mostly in this countries . If anyone knows such good website or some other service (FB group or smth) please help...
  3. M

    Does Any Body Have Exprience with GPt Script

    Hi BHW As i Said Above if you have nay experience with gpt scripts please let me know From so many days am trying to get the script like If any designers are there please let me know Want to start a new site !! Like this Just pm
  4. M

    Does any body Know how to mantain GPT site

    Hi BHWERS recently am getting interested to work on gpt site After some research i found that gpt sites are getting some good amount but i dnt have much script knowledge how to maintain gpt sites as well a payments for the users If anybody have an idea please let me know how to proceed...
  5. blackma

    AnyBody making any good money with CashCrate?

    Heard some people make thousands a month with this crowd? Has anybody here made or are making decent bank with this crowd. Their referral program seems pretty sweet and the bonuses too! blackma :)
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