google vps

  1. Rambo1

    Guys how to automate shutdown and start of google vps instance (WINDOWS 2012 SERVER)??

    Hi i want to automate start of google vps instance ( WINDOWS SERVER 2012)... Shutdown is automated using a bat file... But i have no idea how to automate the startup... I googled and found no help. Could anyone please help me out thanks....
  2. Rambo1

    How to automate the shutdown and turning on of google VPS??

    Guys i searched everywhere but found no proper answer.. Could you please help me out. How to automate turning off/on Google VPS aka ( compute engine) to specific time. I am running a bot which needs to be on at daytime and off at night time. Thank you
  3. Rambo1

    Help !! Not able to run bots on VPS...Mouse and Keyboard not working when RDP session is closed

    Hi guys i am running a bot on google cloud VPS . Bot includes dragging and automation of keystrokes. Bot runs well when the remote desktop session is active but the keyboard and mouse stop working when the session is closed. I researched on this issue and found a solution which is widely...
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