google sniper

  1. B

    Google Sniper Reviews

    Guys, I have gone through many reviews online and found that its very easy to make money online by creating profitable websites via Google sniper? Have you guys tried it? I am thinking about signing up for their membership.
  2. S

    how scrape google results of my site

    hi, i want scrape into txt, xls, etc, the 20 first snippets from google when i search this: keyword How i can do it? Thanks
  3. G

    Google Sniper?

    Hey fellow BHWers, I received an email promoting a program called "Google Sniper" so I searched BHW to see if anyone knew anything about it. No luck, nobody has posted anything about it. I checked out the sales page and it is very well put together. the guys name is...
  4. keith6andco

    Simple SEO using Google Sniper tactics

    Ok - so I don't know it its black, white or pink all over but I DO know it WORKS (see proofs as attatched if you don't believe) This is "similar" to George Browns Google sniper tactics Indexed on Page 1 in a week, Number 3 in ten days The method: ? EASY 1 Find non competitive Keyword (less...
  5. iliketurtles

    Google Sniper

    Hope I put this the right place.. Been reading grate stuff about this ebook, but the guy have stopped selling. Does anyone know where I can get a copy?
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