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  1. V

    Excel/Google Sheet Help: How to compare 2 columns and with other 2 columns and return value

    I want to match Column B & C data of image 1 against Column D & E of Image 2 and if both data math then return value from Column H. How can I achieve this in Google Sheets & Excel.
  2. S

    How to check Google Cache automatically in Google Sheets

    Hi guys! Just have question, Is it possible to set script like this: in-google-sheets.1007101/ but just checking when website was cached. I mean just the date. I think firstly change "site:" to "cache:" And...
  3. Myst3ry

    I need someone to create a formula for calculating something in Google Sheets

    I have 4 tabs. All of them have data, and I want to have the sum of specific rows and separating them by separate months. The date is written as 11.01.2022 So, if the rows has the name George, count the value in x cell and all that separated by months in new tab. $5-10 Thanks!
  4. Codov

    Google Sheets. PBN. It's a joke?

    I'm shocked by the information that people keep records in G. Sheets. Has no one heard that these files are indexed? Or maybe I'm paranoid, and everyone who talks about it is liars and scoundrels? I'm not against G. Sheets, it would be very convenient, but we are working on PBN for not one...
  5. R

    Google Docs generator from Google Sheets

    I want to generate a Google Doc from a Google sheet, same as with outreach tools that can create an email by filling merge tags with data provided from a Sheet. I know tire's a Zapier automation, but I couldn't make it work. I'm looking also into paid solutions. any suggestion? Thanks!
  6. SilverFox_69

    How to find public google sheets for market research

    Hey everyone! Wasn't sure where to post this on the forum, or maybe it's not even worth a post. But this has something that has helped me numerous times conducting research on google or going down interesting rabbit holes ;) If you type intitle:“[search term]...
  7. T

    [FREE] Get Top100 Coins Data (price,1h,24h,7d, volume) from Coingecko in Google Sheets

    Someone had asked that and figured just do a quick version. I used coingecko as their data is loaded via HTML, not JS so works just fine with Google Sheets, without needing to set up APIs etc. I may do another API sheet or explain more about how to do this in Google Sheet. For now, enjoy, just...
  8. SeedPhrase

    Does google tracks Google sheet and Doc??

    Does google tracks google sheet and Doc ?? what do you think guys??
  9. Meet Patel

    How can we add the total number of SERP search results in Google Sheet?

    I want to scrape total number of SERP Result for Particular Search Keyword, and then put that number in Google Sheet. Is there any specific Formula/Query for that?
  10. wirestyle

    XVIDEOS Account Tracking With Google Sheets [GUIDE]

    I'm not sure if anyone has created something like this before but I thought I'd share a little guide of how I keep track of my xvideo accounts as follows; I think allot of people would benefit from this with keeping track of ghosted accounts and accounts that get random bans without having to...
  11. C

    FREE way to pull in SEMrush project data into Data Studio?

    Hey all, Just setting up data studio for a client but want to pull in data from SEMrush (I have a tonne of API credits doing nothing). I've found some google sheets tutorials, but nothing usable (ie nothing for projects, only overview stuff). Has anyone set up a google sheet that pulls through...
  12. MatthewGraham

    [Easy Trick] Google Sheets has a built in content spinner

    After reading the complete list of all 419 Google Sheets functions (which you should do), I came across a neat trick to spin anything you want effortlessly. Free and easy, no captcha. This is a built in Google Sheets function: =GOOGLETRANSLATE(text, [source_language], [target_language]) Full...
  13. MatthewGraham

    [Easy, Free Tip] Using Google Sheets to Check for Available Account Names, Expired Web 2.0s, etc.

    Saw this thread a few minutes ago and decided to write out a generalized answer: The example below is specific to Reddit. Works with slight modifications for other sites; basically all that is needed to make this work with...
  14. hacko

    Create Simple Money Making Systems With Project Management Tools

    It puzzles me when I see people trying to multitask and constantly fail and end up burnt out and miserable. If you have a proven way of making money, why would you do that to yourself? You don't get VERY rich by simply being active, doing every little task yourself, or even "working your ass...
  15. MatthewGraham

    [Easy Trick] How to Bulk Check if URLs are Indexed in Google Sheets

    You can scrape a lot of things with Google Sheets -- here's one of many things you can do with this. Script searches for "" in Google to check if there are indexed results for the input URL. No need to run proxies since Google is scraping on your behalf and then returning the...
  16. Smugl

    Import and work with Search Analytics data in Google Sheets

    Hello World! I translated for you an article with a Russian-language site for the tool that I use very often! The article describes a new extension that will help you bypass the limitations of Search Console and get maximum data. Strongly do not criticize for my English, plz ) - Author: Mihai...