google proxies

  1. V

    IPv6 Subnet Banning on Instagram / Google

    I recently set up a /32 IPv6 Subnet on a Tier 1 US ISP, which I would consider pretty large to proxy instagram requests (few million per day) I also have some friends that do google search requests, and the whole subnet now got blocked from google search (receiving 403's only) & blocked from...
  2. rocks11111

    unable to scrape google

    Hi for last couple of days I am unable to scrape google with scrapebox I am using 20 dedeicated proxies with just 1 conntection for havestor Any one else facing issue or i need to change my proxies however My proxies are tested safe
  3. WesF.

    What proxies from GSA proxy Scraper work in Scrapebox

    I am setting up proxy scraper in GSA and importing to a file that I will have Scrapebox automator pulling from along with Scrapebox harvested proxies. I want to use these with Bing for creating SER site lists that will export to the GSA PI. My questions is what proxies should I export for...
  4. actproxy

    Private and Shared Proxies from $0.35 at ACTPROXY.COM

    Get Your Elite Anonymous Proxies at ACTPROXY.COM IPv4 and/or IPv6 HTTP(S) AND SOCKS4/5 PROXIES! 10% for all BHW Members! Use Code: BHW10 Features Of ALL Our Proxies: Non Sequential IPs Totally Private IPs USA, UK and Europe IPs Multiple Subnets Multiple Cities Unmetered Bandwidth All...
  5. M

    Has Google gone hard on proxies?

    I am using 20 private proxies in Scrapebox and had my max connections set to 10% of proxies i.e 2 connections. But after harvesting 40k links google bans the proxies. I tried to harvest with 5% max connections i.e 1 connection. It completed a harvest of 140k links. Is it just me, my proxies...
  6. yenerich

    People still interested in Automatic Content Generators and Google Proxies Harvesters?

    Hi, As many people here know, i am developing a Web Bot Builder, and as a part of it, we developed some tools that will be part of that project, but that can easily be separated tools. We develop an Automatic Content Generator (for tiers, not for Money site) that generate content that will...
  7. S

    Free Google-Safe Anonymous Proxies Just Pulled From The Scrapebox Oven

    Here are 20 free, good google-safe anon proxies that I just pulled from Scrapebox. Give us a "Like", if you will and download the .txt file.
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