google product

  1. razharov

    Google's secret project for 2023+ - The Google market

    Hey everyone! Laterly I've been talking with some guys, working for yandex in Russia. What I found and heard is really interesting. So, if you don't know much about yandex it's russian and "Furthermore, Yandex was the most popular search engine for news reading, as well as the most visited...
  2. chrsplmr

    AI and Machine Learning - ( To Rank YT Videos )

    ** Note video has zero links** Stumbled onto a cool little tip so I wanted to share it with my BHW family. So recently I have been playing around in the machine learning and AI section and came across G**gle Vision and thought wow this is great to increase CTR and what a help knowing YT is...
  3. Danny Crypto

    Doubleclick: A google product ( any ways to create money )

    Hey, Very soon I'm guessing to have an interview scheduled with a company in which they are working on DoubleClick products. So I'm thinking that I'll be working over there as an employee so how can I use those skills to generate income at my home as a part-time. So if anyone knows any kind...
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