google play app ranking

  1. Chakiry

    how much time till New app(Game) is indexed in Google Play ?

    Hi Guys , i published a new Game on play store and it got over 1000+ installs in 7 days , but when i search for it in play store using the titel and Package name i can't find it ? is that weird or does it need sometime to be indexed ?
  2. beautifulcode

    Which paid method is best to get Google Play App Installs?

    Hello, I have recently published an app related to programming tutorials. I need initial installs and reviews so that it can start ranking in google play store. I know Google Ads is good, but do you know any other paid way to get those initial install for the app to rank? I have searched and...
  3. T

    I'm looking for Google Play Store Reviews of the range 1000s

    Hello there! I'm looking for Google Play Store Reviews (non-dropping) from the following locations US, India and UK. Seeking quotes for every 1000 reviews.
  4. N

    Google Play ranking again? :')

    Guys! Do you have any ranking problem with your new published apps this month? I think the same problem of November is back again
  5. all_rock

    People didn't install my new app yet (GP)

    Hello i published my new app on Google Play 2 weeks ago . But people didn't install it yet. My title and description and images are good. Earlier they was installing my other apps in one week (minimum 3, 4 installing). There is 0 install now for new app. Should i wait 1 month?

    Google Play Store Challenge - Using Android Device & Virtual Machine

    Since 2017 there have been a few Google Play App $$$ Journeys... but it appears they could never get past the Google Engagement Metric Algorithm: # of Days install & review... # of Days traffic until install... etc... The Challenge is this: How to integrate an Android Device with a Virtual...