google my business verification

  1. R

    Google My Business Verification

    Hi All Now a Days Google Verification for changes or edits in Google My Business (GMB) profile take a long time. Can anyone tell the reason? It will definitely help me
  2. Elenmask

    GMB expert needed

    Hi, I am looking for some experts for GMB verifying. please contact me . Thanks
  3. T

    How to verify someone's unclaimed Google Business Profile already made on Google?

    Hey everyone, Is there any way of getting someone's else unclaimed listing verified without the real business knowing it or without sending them postcard? I have listened about Google search console verification method but I am not sure if it will work in this case where the listing is already...
  4. P

    Hello - my introduction of why I'm here and what i hope to get out of BHW

    Hello everyone, first time poster but have been sponging for the last few weeks. BHW has opened my eyes to so much I had to join, thank you to the admins and community members for all your efforts. im here to find advice and possibly hire a few individuals for contract or monthly work to...
  5. A

    i look for someone who can create me mulitple GMB without postcard.

    i look for someone who can create me mulitple GMB without postcard.
  6. boki01

    Verifying a Google My Business listing in a location you're not in

    Hi guys! I am looking for (as cheap as possible) ways to verify a GMB listing in a location I am not residing or doing business in. I know there are ways like renting a coworking space and then sending a post card there but I'd like to know if there are any cheaper ways. Any advice is...
  7. GMBExpert

    Hey ALL! Finally got a BHW LOL! LOCAL GMB EXPERT - Google Maps SEO Expert Swapping Tips

    Hey all, glad to finally have an actual account on here lol. Have never found it necessary, but when in Covid do what the bored SEOs do! lol. Been in the SEO game for 10+ years, have owned 5 successful SEO agencies, but have spent the last 2 years solely dedicated to local, and GMB...
  8. Y

    How to claim GMB with soft suspension (without postcard)?

    I've got many listings that got soft suspension (became unclaimed), and when trying to reclaim them I get asked for a postcard verification. How can I bypass that? any tricks? or other options that you may have?
  9. wwalter

    Google Local Guide Level 5+ Needed

    Hello! My name is Walter. I'm looking for a real Google Local Guide Level 5+. I need a real expert who can help me with my Google My Business task. But it must be not just an expert, it must be Google Local Guide Level 5+! So, if you have free time and wanna help me in some way - you're...
  10. starseo78

    Instant Google My Business Listing Verification (without postcard)

    For more PM me or post on my thread
  11. H

    Verified Google Ads....

    Ok so i can do verified google ads all over us but have no network setup to send traffic to..... whats the best network or what network do you use to send traffic to? Do you do pay per install or pay per duration of call time or... I know Palo and cj have alot but not heard any good news about...
  12. Array Experts

    Google My Business Lisiting Verification WITHOUT Postcard

    No Fancy Graphic I Don't Wanna Waste Your Time I am offering Google My Business creation and verification without a postcard for local businesses that for whatever reason cannot create and/or verify their business Little Overview For those who are not familiar with GMB Listing it is a...
  13. Thatchman

    [JV] My BH Technique - Your Clients or Leads - Let's Make Bank

    I have a fairly unique service that I provide for some of my clients maybe you would like to offer it to some of yours: GMB verification without a postcard. Q - What's special about this? A - Well for starters ALL new GMB listings have to be verified by postcard - I can bypass that. Q - Why...