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  2. Los Angeles SEO Agency


    ~ July 1st 2020 Update ~ To Celebrate Our 6 Year BHW Anniversary and show our gratitude we are offering a mind-blowing 30% limited-time promo on our All New 2020 Local SEO Packages until July 31st! Contact us TODAY to Get a Free Consultation! SKYPE ID: sdseoguru
  3. N

    Looking For GOOGLE MAPS Lisitngs say the magic word

    we are looking for someone who knows the new loopwhole by google maps there is new mathood to put live listings up with out post card verification if u know the mathood and interested to make some good money we can supply endless work for you ONLY VERIFICATION WITHOUT POSTCARD POPELE MAY APPLAY
  4. H

    Need Google Maps EXPERT For Doing 5000 google places

    hi there we are looking for someone that knows the trick on how to get google maps live without pin verification or post card , if its something that u do , u can make big $$$$$ with us hope to hear back from Black Hat Friends
  5. H

    Looking to hire google places expert ( to do google maps )

    hi i am looking to hire someone that can do google maps without post card i will need it for 3 different industry in canada let me know if you have the knowledge best regards
  6. J

    Does cliking on website button make you rank better on google maps local pack ?

    Do you have more chances to rank better on the google maps 3 adresses pack if you have more clics on your website button? or it doesn't count as for the call button? or it's the same metric ?
  7. J

    Is it true that the number of calls you get via google maps package counts for ranking ?

    Is it true that the number of calls you get via google maps package is a factor that google counts for ranking?
  8. J

    Do people don't care about google maps top 3 local businesses ?

    I have a website which is ranked top 1 on the top 3 local businesses, the website is well designed, and its offer the best price on the market, but I got 0 clients since 6 months at least, what's wrong ? is that mean that people don't care about the google map package ?
  9. ppcmaster

    List My Businesses on Google Maps

    I have several business listings that needs to be listed on Google maps (map maker, edits, etc). I honestly do not care how you do it as long as you are able to make the listing along with the website URL and phone number stick. I would like to know the price per listing and how long you are...
  10. codeman1234

    Local SEO got harder than normal SEO after Maps Update?

    Hello, Is it me or Local SEO got harder than normal SEO? I got some customers listed for over 2 years on maps ranking between third and fourth and after google maps update from 7 pack to 3 pack it seems that they are not listed anymore and there is nowhere to be found which is amazing since...
  11. R

    I'm willing to buy old google places listing for $10 per listing.

    If you have old or abandoned google places listing please hand it over to me, I'm willing to pay/buy $10 per old google places listing (Any listings). This is urgent and I need 1000+ old google places listings. My username here is my S K Y P E. add me ASAP! Regards, Rexaniel Saburnido
  12. U

    Google Maps - Phone Verification Issues

    How can I verify a business with Phone no, as phone verification is tightened up by Google. Still I have heard that even after this strictness of Google on Phone Verification, Google Phone Verification is still available. As per the Google Places, the citation work for business is done. Now...
  13. R

    Need a Google Places Expert (Local SEO) - Lucrative Partnership Opportunity!

    Hey Everyone, I've been capitalising on Google Places Optimization since early 2010 and have had great success in both signing up clients and ranking businesses on 1st page of Google. The problem I'm experiencing now is I have to much business coming in and can't find the time to optimize all...
  14. mrgrim

    Review Bot!!!

    Hey Gents, OK so Ive been here for a while have learned some good stuff, so I have a question I cant find the answer to, I'm looking for a "Learning" review bot to post reviews about my site to my places account It will need to sign up for multiple email accounts (email account creator) in order...
  15. txhepoker

    Google Places not picking up Citations? Any ideas are appreciated?

    Hello BHW brotherhood. I hope you all had a good new year. I am inquiring if anyone else has had a similiar problem with google places. I have put input citations from many sources and google is only recognizing the 2 reviews from google users. I already verified the same nap (name address...
  16. T

    Best way to get reviews?

    Hi everone... i was wondering what is the best way to get alot of reviews for a google maps listing?.. i've been trying to get my cousins business out there and today actually made the first page of the main keyword he wanted :D so im happy about that... now i want his name to come up in the...
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