google manual action

  1. lakedaimon

    Ranking question No1 in bing and yahoo but droped No 70 on Google

    Hello, as my title says, my blog (blogspot with custom domain) used to rank No1 8 years ago and kept ranking well until 3 years ago, i had never updated it since i first build it, and watching the site slowly loosing rank, i thought it was natural. However please note that this started happening...
  2. Ahsanbilly

    Need Someone who can Help me Remove Google Manual Penalty

    my Site Got attacked by Malware & google took Manual action on it & Send me Unnatural Inbound Links Penalty on my website & now all of my keywords is in 5th page of the google i hired sitelock team to remove malware n stuff now i need to re index in google i send the request to google for...