google is evil

  1. mainceaft

    Are Google stealing contents from websites now?

    I know google calling it, featured snippets and it may there is way to block it by the webmaster(I didn't search for it) But what google is doing, answering user query directly in the search page. without letting the original source (website) any chance to be accessible by visitors? This is...
  2. E

    Google play developer account termination - life time ban

    Well.. It happened to me too. Google terminated my google play developer account that I've opened for my startup due to prior violations. My best guess is that it happened because the developer I hired has had his account terminated and complied the games I wanted to publish with the same PC he...
  3. laur.laurix

    Google removes "don't be evil" clause from its code of conduct

    Where is ur God now white hats and ethics types?
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