google indexed links

  1. Sheepp

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    REGISTER HERE Pricing Current pricing is as follow and depends on the number of credits purchased at once : Between 1k - 10k USD 0.003...
  2. M

    Looking for someone to remove google links to website

    In need of someone to remove links that google links to a website with articles that are 10 years old. The domain does not belong to me but is damaging to public profiles of people mentioned. Basically do not need the actual URL's removed but do not want google to crawl/index those links...
  3. T

    Public URL Index in Google instantly

    Hi BHW, My name is Tonni, I am from Bangladesh, Recnetly I join with Ad-center and do sports CPA Affiliate but I am facing a problem with google index. I created about 60 posts in Hatena blog, Medium etc and also do highquality backlinks but not indexed in about 4 days. Please help me how to...
  4. T

    Should I de index these pages..

    Google indexed pages with no content..what should I do.. delete the pages or De index those pages...? Privacy policy, about us, Contact us pages also that ok..?
  5. suruchibali

    My website is indexed with wrong URL, Please help & Get "Google Adsense Accoount for Free"

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone help me with how I can change/edit the HomePage URL which is being indexed by the Google with some other URL format? My website URL is http:// happy valentine images. com/ but Google indexed it with HTTPs extension. Just go to Google and type site : happy valentine...