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  1. O

    Which proxy is best for Spotify Farming multiple Spotify accounts running on 1 computer? (Rotating mobile, rotating residential, VPN)

    Hi everyone, make time good! Money low, pullout game weak. Family come soon. Girlfrend highschool no job, me work uber. Need baby food and feed family. Me want start Spotify Farm. Some user say rotating mobile is best! but hear others say residential is best. Even hear user say VPN is good for...
  2. ATuringtest

    Were have Chrome cookies gone under default user data ?

    Were have Chrome cookies gone under default user data ? Use to be a file called cookies but I don't see this anymore ? Need to export the session data :(
  3. zeroblackhat

    How to SnapChat on Google Chrome or FireFox

    We use WhatsApp Web, Like that can I use SnapChat on Google Chrome or Firefox, Please share your suggestions.
  4. 247VCC

    LastPass deleted its Chrome extension by mistake, will be back soon

    LastPass is my password manager of choice, and recently, the company caused some confusion by accidentally deleting its Chrome extension. Rest assured, though, the extension should be restored any time now.
  5. duong365

    [Help] Got user's abuse experienced to stop display on Google Chrome

    My site get user's abuse experienced report in Google Webmaster Tool. And Google Chrome will not show new tab or new page for this site after the process start on January, 8th 2020. I checked that my site embed video from Goulimited and it show the popunder / redirect people to other site that...
  6. D

    Anyone else having trouble with Verystream on Chrome-based Web Browsers?

    Can't view my own videos while they're embedded via Verystream. This is the notice that pops up. "Embed blocked! This error was triggered from our dog(e)'s anti abuse mechanism" Note that this only happens on my chrome-based web browsers on the desktop. Don't have PDF viewer installed either...
  7. D

    [Need Urgent Help]:My website Always Getting Aw,Snap Error on google chrome

    Hi All, When i open my website on chrome, always getting aw snap something went wrong error. I'm using popunders and exoclick video sliders ads and Rank Math SEO tool. Someone please help to to fix this issue. Thanks
  8. Chiku Arsen

    How to block chrome shitty notifications ???? dirty images noti. shows up everytime i open chrome

    Hey , can anyone help me with blocking all the chrome notifications. It,s so weird all dirty kind of notifications showing up everytime i open chrome. Can't open infront of anyone else because of this. I block the notifications in chrome settings still nothing happens. Seems like would...
  9. S

    Google Chrome Extension, Multiple Windows/Logins?

    Guys, I've using a solid extension that has proven to be somewhat reliable. Are there any options to have it operating on the same website but with different logins? Thanks for your help.
  10. Gr00t007

    Anybody Else Noticed This Update?

    So i searched for one of my keywords and i noticed this. Pretty sure it wasn't there yesterday. So search console gives a brief info about how the keyword is performing (only tested on Chrome). That's cool.
  11. Nasus

    Google Chrome 71 - the end of popup ads?

    Hi, So you might not have heard of this but there is a new Chrome update due to be launched in the next few days, and it will supposedly block all "annoying" or "misleading" ads on websites using them. Do you think this will have an impact on ad network revenue or will these networks find a...
  12. Ben Thomas

    Google Chrome Marking Websites HTTPs Secure or not

    Hi there, Yesterday, I got found a security update from Google that it's web browser Google Chrome has been begun marking websites as per HTTPs and secure HTTP metrics. Hope everyone already have idea for this. I searched again on some informative sites and found this article about Google...
  13. 8

    Tried a few things to grab international ads and..

    hello guys, i'm currently handling a record label's YT Account in Indonesia, South East Asia Region. The CPM & CPV of YT Ads here is around USD 1.0 , a bit sad :( i've tried to combine a few g**gle chr*me extensions to grab ads from America, HK, Singapore, and German. My tools are: 1. Proxy...
  14. Manjeet Kaur

    How to promote a Google Chrome Extension?

    Hello friends, I'm a starter online marketer and recently received a request on to market a google chrome extension, as new to this field... I really don't know how to go about it, any help would be great!
  15. xWGx

    NEED: Reviews for Google Chrome Extension

    Hello - I'm looking for Google Chrome Extension reviews. About 500+ 5 stars About 50+ written reviews Must be from HQ accounts with high comment history. PM me - have urgent requirement.
  16. swagbasedgodswag

    Is there a way to automate actions to win a survey contest?

    There is a survey contest, which if i clear my cookies, I am able to vote again for someone nominated for an award. There are two people who must be doing something similar because they are neck and neck with tons of votes but they are most likely doing it manually. I want to be able to...
  17. domyhd

    Looking for Google Chrome extension developer

    Hey, I'm looking for a Google Chrome extension developer. Extension will be for YouTube. Please send me a PM if you're developer. Thanks.
  18. deathass01

    Ad Swapping Extension?

    Hey Everyone, So currently I have a few google chrome plugins that have full access to peoples browsers, One plugin will search for ads and swap them to different pictures based on the users preference. In theory could I swap these ads for my own? I know that the networks that I would be using...
  19. deathass01

    High Teir Link Through Google Chrome Extension

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering if getting a url rating link of 70-100 is still available from making a chrome extension? Thanks!
  20. E

    Looking for google chrome extension developer

    Hey Guys i'm looking for google chrome developer who can make me google extension. Skype: osvmedia
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