google cache

  1. mainceaft

    I got a lot of G cache bots visits, with no indexing, is that good or bad sign?

    Hi, couple days ago I created g Ad campaign for my SERP dead websites, that campaign went kinda well and visitors quality were good. But with these traffic I notice after I publish any article in couple minutes G cache bots visit it from multiple location (different ISPs around the world) yeah...
  2. S

    How to check Google Cache automatically in Google Sheets

    Hi guys! Just have question, Is it possible to set script like this: in-google-sheets.1007101/ but just checking when website was cached. I mean just the date. I think firstly change "site:" to "cache:" And...
  3. V

    Google Not Updating Cache

    I am noticing that Google isn't updating the caching of majority of the websites. All major websites in my niche have their cache between 26-29 March 2019. Have you noticed any change ?

    Google cache not updating sometimes?

    Anyone else finding that googles cache does not update and show changes now. Before it used to update every little change, every single word, but now it has become lazy, and only sometimes updates. Although google does see the changes, and I have proved this to my self by indexing and seeing a...
  5. mangoodi

    Having problem with way back machines

    Hi all, Last year I changed the hosting provider with complete backup installed as well. I'll never see a cache from the last 2 months on the Internet Archive and the Waybackmachine ( Domain Age: 2yrs Posts: 90+ Last google cache: 2nd Feb. Impression: 10K Please let me...
  6. jani

    Google Cache Problem

    Hi Team, I have a problem with google cache page has been indexed but when i have seen cache it is coming up with Home page can anyone please tell me how to resolve the issue. Thanks
  7. Ramsweb

    How Can This Happen? Please Explain

    Hi there guys There have been several weird things going on with my site but the most recent is something that happened with Google Cache date. I check it on a regular basis to see how often my site is crawled. A few days ago, there was a crawl on June 14. Now when I check, it says June 3...
  8. N

    Pages get indexed but no cache, what does it mean?

    I build serveral free blogs to put links to my main sites. I found that many of them are get indexed by GG ( found when search with inurl: ) but no cache. Why? Does GG know that the blog posts are low quality? If yes, by which factor it use to detemine this.
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