google authenticator

  1. T

    Android malware can steal Google Authenticator 2FA codes

    Security researchers say that an Android malware strain can now extract and steal one-time passcodes (OTP) generated through Google Authenticator, a mobile app that's used as a two-factor authentication (2FA) layer for many online accounts. Source...
  2. R698

    Hello! I need your help!

    Guys, I faced a problem can't log into my account in GoDaddy, the problem lies in Google authenticator, go daddy says invalid code, I don't know how to recover access from support long waiting for an answer, does it make sense writing in support of Google authenticator? Please help solve the...
  3. EternalFun

    How to take backup of google authenticator?

    Hi, I need to format my phone so how do I take backup of google authenticator and all the codes?
  4. Meyerlansky81

    how to use 2fa authentication with several facebook accounts?

    i have a personal account that is setup to "Google Authenticator" - i have about 3-4 more accounts which i use with dedicated proxies on different browser profiles, some of them are asking me to either validate via SS and ID or a 3rd party 2fa authenticator tool (ex: Google Authenticator)...