google adwords ban

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    Google Adwords Question -- Ads Disapproval For Malicious Software

    Hi There , Can anyone help me with this problem . For the last 1 week i am having issue with my adwords account . I created 5 account and in all of them my ads were disapproved for malicious software but my account was not suspended. I tried to create another adgroup with different domain...
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    Cannabis on Google Ads (Adwords)

    Hi guys, This is the first time I'm getting into some "troubled" products, such as cannabis. This potential client is selling ONLY in Canada, where the magic leaf is perfectly legal, but Adwords is imposing its limitations anyway. The client says that the only way is to open different...
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    Having Trouble with Google ads accounts.

    I made 25 - 30 accounts this week and all were suspended due to circumventing or payment error. I appealed for activation but there was no success. Google is not activating accounts. Why is this happening? does anyone have any Idea? using cloaker I am using residential ips as well. Help

    CC billing of one state and VM service from another state will work for Adwords a/c creation?

    After Adwords Ban, has any one used below trick to create new adwords account and was that a successful move? what you need for creating new account is: 1. VPS / VM or new PC 2. new IP, use 3G 3. new domain (make the whois details private) 4. new hosting - so the ip will be different 5. new...
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    Help getting suspended AdWords account back

    Hello, I'm looking for someone that can help get my suspended AdWords account back or create a new one without them recognizing me. It was suspended for policy violations on my old domains, and now I want to advertise a new domain. I've read it can be tricky to get back because Google may...
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    CJ and Google Adwords

    I was having success with pointing some Google Adwords campaigns at some CPA Zip submits. Being a noob, I was very transparent, sending them to a landing page with buttons to drive them to the offer... Although upon submission, my landing pages were approved, Google did its thing and changed...
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    Help, Adwords Banned ME!

    I just found out I got banned from google adwords today and not really sure what to do about it. I was promoting dvd copy/ripping software that google doesn?t like and ended up getting banned because of it. Has anyone out there ever been banned by google and found a way back in? I have been...
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    Adwords Ban

    I'm an affiliate marketer who uses google adwords to generate nearly ALL my traffic. I recently received an email from google saying I have repeatedly submitted ads that do not comply with their TOS and that I am on my finial warning. Well, I submitted another ad that got disproved over the...
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