google ads help

  1. Adsexpert

    Google Ads Optimization Help

    Hi all, this is my campaign. It started yesterday to learn. Status is still "bid strategy is learning" Will this campaign impressions increase? Or what should I do? For currency: 1$ = 30 TL
  2. anamul365

    Google ads manage tips

    Hello, I have already spend lot's money on google ads.but i can not expected result. i need targeted geo visitor. how can manage properly ads? Any services available to manage ads to full fill my needs or how can i get better result need helpful tips. Thanks
  3. A.S

    need freelancer who can create campaigns for me in adwords

    i need a freelancer who can create campaigns for me in my adwords accounts. i am getting ban when i am doing on my own. any one expert here. please inbox me asap.
  4. R

    Cannabis on Google Ads (Adwords)

    Hi guys, This is the first time I'm getting into some "troubled" products, such as cannabis. This potential client is selling ONLY in Canada, where the magic leaf is perfectly legal, but Adwords is imposing its limitations anyway. The client says that the only way is to open different...
  5. M

    Google Ads issue: binary options or offline gambling

    Hi everyone! We have this issue with Google Ads. We are trying to promote casino affiliate page with Google Ads. It worked well for many months and there is still lots of marketers out there whose Ads are active. For us the Google abandoned all the Ads because of either one of these reasons...
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