google ad account

  1. R

    Old google adwords accounts for sale. Trusted Google ads accs found here.

    Buy old google adwords accounts with us! Aged and trusted ads account for sale. Our telegram is @therealads to avoid fakers use only official telegram link to contact us Be aware from clones, big google adwords provider is waiting for you!
  2. L

    Question with buying Google Ads Accounts

    I am trying to understand who to best buy a Google Ads account from. I have been writing various people and it's hard to know who to buy from. The other question that nobody can answer for me clearly is how do we add a credit card to the account to pay for ads on an ongoing basis. I keep hearing...
  3. dgbanj

    Rent Dedicated Google Ads Account, Pay Per Month For Serious Business

    Long Term Cooperation Preferred I have been a lurker on this forum for 12 years now, having experienced the ups and down trend of online marketing. I finally decided to make good use of the opportunities this forum offers. As you know, Google has become so strict with googles ads and threshold...
  4. R

    WTB Old Google Ad accounts

    Good day! I'm looking to buy an old Google Ads account for the purpose of using it for gambling advertising. Looking for someone who can accept Paypal as payment.CC could work as well
  5. #IM

    Google AdMob 250$

    Hi all i keep getting this email from Google each 2 months that they gave me a code which gives me 250$ Ads credits, my question, so i can just make an Ads and enter the code and spend it on Ads ? Thanks for advance
  6. samifordnet

    How to promote on Adwords Threshold

    Hi, I have AU adwords Threshold account of A$500. Now whenever I go on to promote white pages or Youtube videos, they are not working. Youtube videos gets accepted but does not generate any views or impressions. When trying to promote genuine business website, LP, they just suspend the account...
  7. P

    Google Ads best practices etc.

    I'm looking to start with Google Ads. Are Google Ads the same as Facebook ads in terms of running multiple unrelated ad accounts? With Facebook, you need new IP and fingerprint etc, is it the same with Google? Are they also as strict as Facebook? It's important to note that I'm not intending to...
  8. Madison Chan

    ⚡️Bing/Google Ad Account For Sale

    Hello guys, We're selling Google & Bing ad accounts, you can use them for all verticals, please contact us for details if you are interested. Price: $500 per Bing ad account;$100 per Google ad account; 10% service fee. Refund Policy: -We will refund if we can't deliver the account within...
  9. S

    Google ads account - manager access issue

    Hey, I have my admin access for Google ads in a company account and due to some issue the mail id has been deleted, but it restored now. but while signing in to google ads there is no ads account I could find in my account but it has some manager-level access for some other accounts. Need to...
  10. S


    Tired of paying over $2,000 to a regular Google AD account and having it banned at any time? Find out that with our accounts, you have the exact same chance of being banned, similar to a very expensive account. But we will replace it for free, so you will not lose any money on it. Our accounts...
  11. Linu

    [WTB] Want to Buy Google Business Verified Ad Account.

    I want to buy google business verified ad account. Contact me on telegram Telegram - @linu_l0
  12. greybambi


    Is it possible to reactivate a Google ad account that was suspended after failing advertiser verification? What exactly is necessary to do? Can you please help me?
  13. greybambi

    Google AD verification AND Sensitive Action THing

    Hello! İ have 2 questions. Would be glad to any help! 1. How to bypass verification on Google Ads? Is there a way to increase the chances of passing? Usually my designer makes docs for google but lately they don't go through well. 2. lately I often encounter the problem as a sensitive action...
  14. D

    Adword Accounts Sale

  15. serpmedia

    Willing to Pay You 10% of my Ad Spend to Use Your Aged Google Ads Account - $1k - $30k Per Month Passively for You!

    Exactly as title says! I need someone who has an Aged Google Ads Account with Decent Spend History. I will run my campaigns on your account. I will also attach my own payment method to your account so you don't need to worry about it. I run Youtube and Financial Consulting Campaigns. I will...
  16. serpmedia

    Willing to pay 10% of my Ad Spend to Run My Campaigns on Your Google Ads Account - $3-$10k per month for you!

    Exactly as title says! I'll Pay 10% of my Ad Spend to Use Your Google Ads Account. *Meaning if I spend $500 per day, thats $50 for you every day. If I spend $1,000 per day, thats $100 a day for you. Need an account thats Aged with Spend so low risk of ban/suspension. Offer is negotiable...
  17. Shabzy

    Google Ad Case Study: Review and Advice?

    Hi All, I'm currently working with 3 local businesses running their Google ad campaigns for them and would like some feedback on how I can go about improving some campaigns that I am running for them. Company A & Company B are taxi companies operating in the local area. They're both owned by...
  18. Affiliate3750

    Somebody help me with my campaigns !

    Hello guys , I was off the market for too long and doing any campaigns , Recently I’m lunching casino ads, in Facebook But the account after warmup getting closed and suspended , Also google ads the same for me , I am searching for somebody , who can help me or take with me the step by step...
  19. W

    Need BH Google ad experts

    Hi there, Need BH ad experts. Payment only after ad is live. DM only if you have aged accounts and can get the ad live. More details on DM.
  20. D

    Google Ad Runner "BH"

    niche : will discuss via telegram drop your @s below payment : once you verify ad is showing i will send payment.+ paying % of ad earnings.
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