1. Walid Chaki

    Goddady Little prob, need help

    I just bought a goddady domain name, And i'd to transfer it to namecheap hosting ,but somehow they say it can't be transfered after 60 days, is there any way to cancel this I need it quickly Tnx
  2. Walid Chaki

    Transfer goddady domain to namecheap hosting!!

    I want to transfer a domain name from goddady (because it's cheap a little compared to namecheap domain)to namechape hosting , but it says(namecheap) it can't be possible because according to them the domain name that i've chosen is already exist in their marketplace
  3. Matheus Costte

    What method do you use to get domains for less?

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I have a future project and would like to know if there is any method and if there are any which you use to renew a domain on godaddy. I've tried honey extension and searched for coupon manually on google. If you use another method to buy domains your opinion is also...
  4. mkstromin

    How to buy .Org - 4.99/.Net - 6.99/.INFO - 0.49 - W/o Coupons!

    Dont know how many of you guys know about this, but i disccovered a method to get .Org - 4.99/.Net - 6.99/.INFO - 0.49 - domains without Coupons! Very simple: You go to goddady, find yourself a domain, go through normal registration and when you get to checkout they offer you a "matching domain...
  5. G

    Godaddy Banner ridance

    i have bought an .info with go daddy,installed manually wordpress. I saw their annoying banner and searched in google and get rid of it,in html,in the welcome page. But! When i run the blog the banners appears again,and it is not html as we all know it is .php ,how do i get rid of godaddys...
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