1. J

    Two words about Greedy Machines

    Hey, wanna share some info about Greedy Machines (from GMT). Got it for about 1 week ago, seems fine. I'm holding GMT Token for a year, and used them to buy NFT (also you can use USDT) Any thoughts about this project?
  2. DeathClaws

    Gmt2 on Raspberry instead of VPS

    Hi guys ! I'm doing Instagram botting for a few month now, and I finally find the solution to the new instagram changes, it's work great now ! :D I use gmt2 for 3 accounts on a EC2 Amazon vps, but I want to increase the number of accounts I manage and my vps can't handle them with his 1go of RAM...
  3. theseoraja

    GMT Repost Template

    Guys, Anyone has GMT ADVANCE REPOST Template.. Please Share it will be a great help :)
  4. bllec1998

    [ERROR] Instagram Redirects to Homepage IG Botting

    So as the title says: Why do some accounts redirect to homepage whenever they try to follow? In gmt2 shows up as suspicious activity but no way to mail or phone verify when I access through embed browser and it is all fine until I try to follow somebody, it redirects back to homepage... Any...
  5. ninjalead111101

    instagram tool and social media tool

    Hi bros, i am using gram multitool 2 (GMT 2) purchased, massplanner (vip user cracked), gramblr for IG account. But someone said that MP is dead @@ and IG account might get banned. Does it work on another social media (pinterest...) I think GMT 2 and gramblr is enough for start with IG but...
  6. theseoraja

    Using GMT2 But No Results, Why ?

    Hello Guys Using GMT2 For Instagram But I am facing issues I want USA Followers It is not following anyone and Showing the Error : How to Fix this I have contacted The Team No response Yet. Am I making Any mistake ? Please Guide I am Noobie [ 1st Time Using It ]
  7. genito

    is Gram Multi Tool working?

    Hello guys those days Gram Multi Tool doesn't work for me, it says failed login.
  8. JJJackson

    [BETA] Instagram Automation Bot | GMT2

    Hey guys, I am glad to announce the Beta release of Gram Multitool 2. With the beta release of GMT2, I hope to gather feedback and mainly reports of any issues you may encounter (bugs, crashes, spelling mistakes :p) One of the main advantages of GMT2 over GMT is that when I started developing...
  9. JJJackson

    Gram Multitool - Instagram Social Bot - Free Trial

    Gram MultiTool - Affordable Instagram Botting Tool Pictures of The Tool: Features (As of 09/01/2016): Scraper: Follow Scraper Following Scraper Picture Scraper Popular Tags Scraper Management Account Creation (Private proxies needed) Email Verification Custom...
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