gmail autoresponder

  1. NikoNikic

    How to automatically send email with gmail after 30 minutes?

    I know of gmail autoresponder but it responds instantly. I need something that will reply after 30 minutes to every new mail I recieve and then once 24 hours pass another different reply will be sent to the same message. Know how to do this?
  2. N

    Need Help With iMacro9 and Gmail Reply Script

    I am receiving a lot of emails from my ad and I tried using the auto responder with gmail, since a certain site does not like autoresponders and bounces them, I stopped doing that. So I'm trying to use iMacro9 to reply to NEW messages I receive from future clients and direct them to a site to...
  3. blackma

    Anyone Recommend A Good Email AutoResponder?

    I need a good, reliable, delayed autoresponder for gmail, yahoo or Hotmail (or anyone of these email providers) Need it for e-whoring. Any recommendations? Had heard some good things about Torple, but also some bad things and their website seems to be down. blackma:)
  4. A

    [GET] Yahoo/Gmail email extractor

    Yahoo/Gmail email extractor I am proud to introduce Email Extractor! through this new BST thread. It is now in the Release Candidate phase. Email Extractor will get all the email addresses currently in your inbox and saves them to a text file. You can import these into another email...
  5. proscale

    Help me Price this Software

    I am releasing a software in next week and half max exclusive on BHW I need a little help pricing it. The software will be G-SPOT ( everything gmail ) Multithreaded to run over 500 threads stable on win2k3 server It will - Verify - Decaptcha - Change passwords - Forward gmails - Set vacation...
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