1. ZarofimX


    Hey guys, so i had a video which was on 1st page on yt but yesterday i sent some custom comments to it today its nowhere to be found... How can i unghost my video ? Is it possible?
  2. kitqra

    Getting ghosted/blacklisted by search engine?

    Hello! I've been thinking about starting some adult websites and been currently reading as much as I can, but clearly not enough. Some terms that I came across scared me and I couldn't really understand what could lead to them. As the title states, I read that you are able to get...
  3. M

    a solid reliable website for porn uploading?

    i need a reliable site to upload watermarked porn.been ghosted by all major(and non) sites after about 15 days.i thought i'd have a little more time before they shut me down .i mean,my videos had barely 200 views each and i was uploading only 3 a its not like i was bombarding them with...
  4. G

    YT + CPA start-up questions

    HI, I'm just getting into youtube and CPA (sorry english is not my main language). So... My plan is: - To use my personal youtube account - Upload one channel with 1-2 vids per channel - Channels will have the keyword for what i'm targeting - In the beginning i want to do CPA with Clickbank...
  5. Mr Cracker

    Possible to know if an account has ghosted uploads before uploading?

    One issue one of my clients is facing right now is some accounts videos get ghosted, they are ensuring no negative keywords are used and everything is optimised perfectly. It seems to be hit and miss but the issue is money gets spent on videos beforehand in most cases, so is there a way you can...
  6. hertn

    Device and IP flagged. How to continue using IG with new acc w/o getting ghosted?

    So I have made some new accs on my phone from my own IP and from school IP. Home IP is blocked and my new acc got ghosted immediately. The acc I created in school got ghosted as well. This makes me think the device is flagged. If I make a new account on school IP using school computer, then it...
  7. KarenMiller

    Tweets ghosted from top hashtags?

    My posts appear to be blacklisted from getting into the top results for hashtags, even when they are actually much more popular than the stuff that does make it. Does anyone know anything more about this, i.e. if its a permanent ban or anything really?
  8. A

    YouTube comments gettting ghosted..any advice? i bought utube beast and when i comment, all my comments get ghosted. i don't think it's the's because i'm probably doing something wrong..just not sure what direction to go. any advice would be badass. ok, this is what i did... i commented 42 videos (only once) used 1...
  9. D

    Instagram Ghosting Link Question

    Hi people! I just noticed that my links are being ghosted! Its a brand new domain, added to some accounts (not very old, but they were created normally, from good ips, doing anything under the radar, commenting some pics as normal, some likes, some follows, some uploads, etc... nothing spammy)...
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