1. D

    Gfx designer and web3 dev.

    So I accidentally went broke. I need a quick hire for a dev task. Can do anything from design 10000 nft collect, generate metadata and randomize layers, make react site, write smart contracts. But I suck at marketing. Been years. Still suck. For the love of god someone hire me or help me with...
  2. w1ll

    Bored 16yo dood that likes to draw and shit

    Hi there. Im w1ll. I like to code webpages. Im learning c++ and SFML. I like to draw. See yall later, I like this place.
  3. X

    Graphic design

    Hello I used to sell my gfx on fiverr, I almost had one-two sales a day but it suddenly stopped and now I haven't got any customer in three months. Anyone know what I should do or have another place I could sell my gfx? I am not the regular fiverr seller who steals his stuff or uses a website...
  4. Roig

    Create an animated background

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who can help me to animated an hexagonal background like this : (the color must move slowly everywhere and be blue and purple like in the picture) Thx !
  5. peterbruce

    How to get resellers for products and services

    I'm not sure if 'reseller' is the correct term. My team and I specialize in a wide range of services ranging from Promotional to GFX Design and beyond. I'm in need of a way to generate more sales as my current method is not sustainable (spending 10+ hours per day marketing via facebook...
  6. xfernanx

    FREE GFX | BHW Exclusive!

    FREE GFX | BHW Exclusive! Request your stuff,say thanx and GTFO lol JK GFX Logo`s Slogans Icons Theme Selection Color Approach Some *OLD* Work imgur . c x m /a/Jxzkt/xfernanx_bhw_demo Ordering? Just reply here explaining what you want,size,website url,colors and etc - NO PM`s Pl0X! -...
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