1. N

    Shazam views France geo-target

    Hello Guys, I'm looking for a good / safe service panel to increase shazam views on a track. I found lot of services, i tried buyshazam but in reality all the view came from all countries without France. Have you some links to share ? Thanks a lot!
  2. P

    Free Content Gateway Geotarget, Rotate offers, Session Cookies

    I'am trying to make my own content lock and iFrame a CPA offer to put on it. I'm not sying to add an iframe into existing content locker that will let me locking CPA offers from other networks I chose. I need visitor could unlock my page/post by filing out the offer in order to access or recive...
  3. CarlSagan

    Geotargetting Amazon Affiliate links?

    Hi. How do I go about automatically changing amazon links on my site to match the visitors location? Is there a decent plug-in available that does this properly?
  4. B

    Geotargeted Facebook Fans

    I'm looking to purchase Facebook fans for my business site on facebook. I'm looking for fans in the northeast. Does anyone sell geotargeted fans/ or can someone promote my FB page to get more 'local' fans? Thanks!
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