1. FrankyOne

    How to geo-target an Ads

    Hello, gents. I needed to place an Ads, and I was wondering how to find the areas that match my keywords. For example, let's pretend that I want to organize a training course for aspiring network engineers. I would start using the keyword "learn how to become a network engineer". Given that as...
  2. mainceaft

    Looking for Free ad rotate

    Hi every one . I have blogspot blog and want to use rotate affiliate banners on it . I tried DFP Small Business but it not work well from . it's shown adsense ads instead of affiliate banners even when I Disabled AdSense on it . what I need simple to I add ads blocks and select geographic...
  3. ShabbySquire

    Geo Redirect - any recommendations?

    Looking for a decent solution to redirect country-specific traffic based upon IP. Also something that detects mobile/pc (but not really important). Either be a script, WP plugin, or an online service. Can anyone recommend something that they've had success with? Tried looking around, but most...
  4. V

    Help Cracking this Cloak

    I have seen this done before and would like an explanation on how its done. This site:<<wont allow me to post URL>>city+spun content=rankings in small geo locations. is spinning content and targeting cities in each new post. I have followed the site and they are ranking fairly well for smaller...
  5. E

    HTML and Java Q, Different content for different countries??

    Just a quick question. I am trying to use html codes under the <head> tag that would be different according to each country. I will be using this java script plugin take a look: . If you know how please show an example here. So what I am trying to do for...
  6. D

    [Optimized] Free Geo-Target Redirect Code using MaxMind's JS API [Noob-Friendly]

    Hey people, I know this kind of scripts/codes have been posted before, but i have seen many people (Specially newbies) struggling to get it working properly because of if/else statements confusing them. So i decided to code an easier and more optimized version for y'all using MaxMind's JS API...
  7. K

    Another place to geo target your local listing

    Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know that you can geo target your google maps listing on hubpages now. This is from the email I recieved from hubpages: "I, Swashbuckling Simone, along with the motley HubPages crew, are proud to present HubPages' September Contest: HubPages Marks the Spot...
  8. mystery

    This Is Starting To Piss Me Off!

    As if the trademark issue wasn't enough, now adwords is sending me traffic from countries/locations I haven't included in my geo-targeting! :bsflag: I came back to check my stats and what do you know... a few clicks from blocked countries! Yes, from adwords ads not other source... Luckily...
  9. avi_31337

    Simplest Geo-Redirect Code

    Here is my simple geo redirect page that I have coded myself using the free Maxmind API. Write this as an html file in the landing page, so that all the USA traffic get redirected to your destination address. This is my first share and encourage me if u love em. <script...
  10. Vrindavan

    How to check CPA offers' landing page (geo-target) ?

    How to check CPA offers' landing page (geo-target) ? e.g. checking USA offers from non-US location or checking UK offers from non-UK location I wish i can see/inspect the landing page first before i promote the CPA offers. Thanks
  11. ukescuba

    Google Domination Using Geo-Targeted Keywords - Amazing 18min Detailed Video Tutorial

    Dominate Google with Geo-Targeted Keywords! The most important 18 minute video you'll ever watch! Presented by FEATURES: - Fastest Permanent Listing On Google Page One You Will Ever Experience BENEFITS: - You will not have to keep wasting money on PPC - You can use this...
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