1. O

    How to seperate scraped list by gender

    Hello I am looking for a way to filter out scraped lists based on m/fm genders
  2. dotc0m

    Instagram Tool 4 Scraping Specific Gender

    Hello, BHW Looking to get some insight if there are available tools or methods or filtering scape list or scraping users with Gender filters. Looking to exclusively get List of Male users, or those who have selected male as their gender. Pretty sure that metadata is available. GMT2 has Filter...
  3. Elin Dotsya

    Raising Awareness For The Helisexual Community

    In this world of ever changing tastes and interests - I would like to bring something important to your attention. The reason why I never tell people my gender is because I haven't been able to summon the courage to express myself fully. I, Elin Dotsya, sexually identify as an attack...