1. B

    [Freebies] BlckShadow - Get 5 Google Reviews For Free. (Open)

    Hello, BlckShadow here with other gift to this community. I have many Gmail accounts and want to grow Local Guide Level, so i will be giving Google Reviews For Free. "Just reply with your GBP Link (1 Link Per reply, Plzz)" *Don't DM/PM me personally because it will be difficult to attend to...
  2. Zenarus

    Free Review Copy - Local Ads, Google Guarantee Verification with reviews.

    Title says it all, For people who knows what Local Ads or Google Guarantee is, Best for people located in USA. Goodluck to everyone... i will select one only for this. Google Local Ads is PPC, and will cost you money to run after its verified. We just do the process of the verification for...
  3. SOCOM

    Limited Time Offer ⚠️ FIX SUSPENDED GOOGLE BUSINESS LISTINGS ⚠️ Reinstatement Service ✅✅✅

    Do you have a suspended Google Business Profile (GBP or GMB)? Let's get that fixed ASAP for you! If you have the dreaded suspension on your profile, you'll need a professional to help you out. In order to qualify, you must satisfy the following list: - Have a real business with citations -...
  4. 1SEOWarrior

    Cheers!!! Google Confirms Business ‘Openness’ As Local Ranking Factor

    It is known to all that Google does not disclose the ranking factor when it considers ranking. This is the first time they opened their mouth regarding local ranking factors. According to Joy Hawkins of Sterling Sky, the trend became noticeable after the November 2023 core update, leading to...
  5. Fahedawan

    Local SEO Tip for Google Business Profile

    To bolster your Google Business Profile, whether it's experiencing a decline or it's newly created, : Regularly post updates and incorporate links to your website and map URL. This will provide a substantial boost to your profile's visibility and engagement.
  6. LinkzDigital

    [Review Copy] Express GMB Verification For all Categories - Quick 24-Hour Delivery! ✅✅

    Hey everybody, Instant Google my business (GBP) Verification service coming to boost your leads! We're looking for real business owners to review our upcoming BST. Requirements: 300 Posts count Members can apply. Quick Delivery & quick & honest detailed review.... Just 1 Review Copy so...
  7. Sophia9856

    Google My Business GMB Listing Verification - Looking for Beta Tester Client !

    We are looking beta tester to test our Google My Business GMB Listing Verification service! ( for my upcoming BST) Requirement : Jr. VIPs or 100+ Posts member count with 1 year old account. Accepting Non Spammy categories for USA Spammy categories for Canada i am giving away just a single...
  8. G

    Remove Fake Google Reviews by competitor by responding with

    My competitor(s) regularly write 1 star fake reviews on my google business profile. Till today I could find any solution to remove these fake reviews. Google is not deleting them. I came across the article below, which states that the owner of this burger joint responds to fake reviews by...
  9. homeriscool

    Google Profile Banning my IP ?

    Hey all, I have several Google profiles but lately, Google keeps suspending them and asking for verification by postcard. I send the postcard but it never arrives? I've tried 4 times and the postcard still hasn't arrived. Does this mean my ip is banned or something?
  10. Jordekorren

    Advanced GMB/GBP Guide?

    Hello everyone I previously read a guide on advanced GMB/GBP optimization but can't find it again here on BHW despite diligent searching. Anyone possibly know which guide I am referring to or know of any other guide with more hardened strategies regarding GBP? /Jordekorren
  11. T

    How to verify someone's unclaimed Google Business Profile already made on Google?

    Hey everyone, Is there any way of getting someone's else unclaimed listing verified without the real business knowing it or without sending them postcard? I have listened about Google search console verification method but I am not sure if it will work in this case where the listing is already...
  12. leonardsrines

    How To Rank Google My Business Listing

    How To Rank Google My Business Listing for 1st position. I want to get ranked for the state on 1st position for doctor profile.
  13. jiayu2301

    Banking Solution Advice needed, how to receive EUR, USD and GBP affiliate commissions payments

    I run a UK business and work with various intl. affiliate networks and direct advertisers who wire affiliate commission in different currencies. I require a trusted and reliable banking solution which provides a multi currency account. Transfers within those sub-accounts/wallets shall ideally be...
  14. rbbadzz

    Would accepting payment in another currency be beneficial or no??

    I was signing up for some affilliate progs (CJ) and a few ask you what currency to use. Does this mean you can choose your pay out currency and if so would say GBP or Euros be better than USD? Thinking of the exchange rate and if you could potentially get more since USD is weakened.
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