gay traffic

  1. somewebmaster

    Adult gay traffic monetization problem

    Hello There's a hentai site with both straight and gay traffic. Straight visitors bring money with both RevShare and CPL adult games offers, but the site keeps failing to make money on gay traffic. Dating, cams, games, premium sites, toys, pills... nothing worked. Now gay visitors are offered...
  2. A

    Anyone Converting Gay traffic?

    Is there anyone who is promoting CPA offers with gay traffic here ? I can generate huge gay traffic but need help for email auto response campaign.Please PM me if anyone already promoting and got success. thanks
  3. beastkay

    Have anyone tried promoting gay dating?

    I was just thinking to start doing it because making money is the only point in my head right now and money talks so will try this too. But what will be the best way through tube sites or gay forums? What you guys think and anyone is doing it so let me know whether I'm thinking correct or not!
  4. olm75

    Where to buy Gay Traffic (non Adult & Adult)

    Anyone know some good network to buy Gay Traffic (non-Adult & Adult). Most networks I am finding only do adult or non-adult they don't target Gay...