game hacks

  1. fal

    What kind of channel is good for youtube ranking?

    Hello BlackHatWorld, I make CPA Videos (Content Locking) on niches such as game hacks, downloads and more. I have tried to upload CPA Videos multiple times on newly created channels (with a throwaway number to use custom thumbnails) but these videos mostly just die and/or don't appear on...
  2. G

    Questions about Google Ranking!

    Hey BHW, So currently, I am looking for other traffic sources to promote game generators. When it comes to google, in terms of costs, how much would I essentially be spending in other to get a website, landing page or parasite to rank for a “low competition keyword”?. And I do mean...
  3. ynx.coder

    [OgAds] Make Any Game Hack Landing Page In 10 Seconds

    ]/Get-[GameName]-Free-[GameCurrency]-Generator'][OgAdsAffiliateID]/Get-[GameName]-Free-[GameCurrency]-Generator Here is a screenshot about the ogads affiliate id: Note : Only [OgAdsAffiliateID] & [GameName] & [GameCurrency] Can Be Changed The Rest Must Stay...
  4. nabilox

    Control tex/number who's already on img

    Hi ! Hope all of you have a great day, PLease i try to control text who's already in the image, how i can convert a image text to editable text ?? or how can i make a text similar to one who's in the image ... i really hope someone give me some advices example: i want to make some change to...
  5. Nowrid Ahsan

    Game Hacks Landing Pages

    Looking to hire someone who has decent experience in making such landing pages, probably going to get around 1-2 landing pages per week. Shoot me a pm with your samples. Cheers