game hack video

  1. nabilox

    Control tex/number who's already on img

    Hi ! Hope all of you have a great day, PLease i try to control text who's already in the image, how i can convert a image text to editable text ?? or how can i make a text similar to one who's in the image ... i really hope someone give me some advices example: i want to make some change to...
  2. cgt web

    who can creat a CPA youtube video for me?

    hey, guys, I have this awesome landing page in the game hack niche and I am looking for someone to create a video of a fake generator working and end result resources being added to the game it focuses on. Who here can help with this?
  3. Billy Batts

    How they make a game hack video like this?

    Hard to find info on this on the web so maybe one of you guys know the answer. I took a typical video as example like this one for Clash of Clans, I jus't can't figure it out. The process is flawless. To see what I mean skip to 5:08. The game is still running normal speed, I don't see any...