gambling ads

  1. Adriana Chan

    Gambling ads on facebook?

    Hey up I'm currently looking into Facebook ads for a client. I know that Facebook still allows to run ads for gambling by applying for advance approval of my ads account but doesn't detail how to get it. How is it to get prior written permission to advertise gambling on Facebook? Any advice...
  2. I

    Looking To Hire Professional Facebook ads Person (gambling ads)

    Hi, everyone ! Looking for an expert for the promotion of gambling on Facebook. Willing to pay whoever teaches me how to do it right. * Know about cloaking. But the problem for me is how to do advertising that will attract a relevant audience. Thanks . Idan
  3. multiapp


    Guarantee: The service provides on average 20 working apps in public access with maximum allowed aggressive designs. Refund policy: Your deposit can always be returned. Our telegram: @appsangel
  4. I

    Problem advertising gambling and blocked users on facebook

    Hello everyone !! I owe your help. I have been trying for several days to post gambling on Facebook. Of course through cloaking, the problem is that Facebook always blocks my users even before they approve my advertising. I am of course only post tips for the right gambling and not for something...
  5. P

    Hire Adword Strategist

    hello, need someone who expert with adword, with keyword gambling and target ( indonesia ) thankyou before...
  6. H

    How to advertise for gambling site on Google Ads?

    We want to advertise for our gambling site on Google Ads. We have no certificates yet. We tried a landing page with casino site link included, but google realized and blocked that ad. What can we do?
  7. N

    Gambling Google Ads Scandinavia

    Looking for access, new or old google ads accounts to target casino affiliate advertising in Norway, Sweden and Finland. I have some experience myself with ads and + 10 yeras in the gambling industry. Please hit me up with serious proposals. ALoha!
  8. A

    Google Ads/ Cloaking Expert needed for gambling ads campaign

    Hello BHW, Looking to hire a Google Ads/ Cloaking Expert to run gambling ads on google ads at regulated country. Retainer fees or charge based on budget are negotiable. TO APPLY: PM me your portfolio/past/example work and your pricing or I will NOT respond Thanks in Advance!
  9. rise520

    Is link shortening helping in terms of adwords cloaking ?

    Hey BHW experts, I have a few question regarding the Adwords Cloaking, my niche is gambling. 1) Does link shortening help in cloaking, how exactly it works ? 2) Should I use VCC instead or real debit card? Can I reuse debit card that got banned before? (got banned few times due to the...
  10. jockegbg

    Looking for casino/sportsbook traffic in arabic countries

    Hi, Does anyone know of a media buy network or have traffic in arabic countries for gambling. Please PM
  11. E

    does any one have creative ideas for facebook and google adwords in asia??

    Does anyone here have creative ideas for ads on gambling sites for google adwords and facebook.tried with some seo experts and the accounts was banned.
  12. O

    Gambling Marketing Ideas

    Hello guys, I am new here. My friend recommended this forum because here I can find many great marketing ideas. So I am trying. I want to advertise online gambling/casino in Philippines, Vietnam through Facebook. Any ideas how I can do that. Facebook has many restrictions when we talk about...
  13. P

    Need adwords guy to run adwords for un-licensed sport betting site

    Hi guys, I need the guy who know the tricks to run adwords for my website which is un-licensed sport betting. I will pay a fair price for the candidate, and I have more project for the right person. Please reach me soon.
  14. B

    Looking for Black Hat PPC campaign management for Lottery Clients

    Hi Guys. I am new here and looking for Black Hat PPC guys who can run ads for our unlicensed lottery operator. Thanks so much!
  15. darkrobe

    Looking For A Little Help With Gambling Google PPC

    Hey everyone. I have a website that promotes handicappers (basically people who predict the outcomes of sports for gamblers). I have BH google adwords accounts and a cloak. I'm looking for some advice on how to run the ads? The part i'm most confused about is, firstly i'm a little worried...