1. farella1990

    What is the best gmail to use for an agency?

    Greetings to all forum members and have a productive day! I am planning to use the services of an agency to launch a campaign on gambling. Accs agency Hong Kong or Vietnam. I am advised to use gmail and proxy USA. Question - what is the best gmail USA? Where can I find a good gmail account...
  2. gambling-min.jpg


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  5. Napoleson

    How to run effective and optimal gambling ads. fix common mistakes when advertising gambling campaigns

    Welcome to today's topic : has recently facebook gambling ads no longer effective, right? You often encounter errors such as high cost per result, often not approved when publishing campaigns. Today I will share with you my experiences to help you overcome them : There are 6 basic steps we...
  6. seostar2


    EMAIL: [email protected] Telegram: 03070300269 Skype: [email protected]
  7. kidfang1995

    Seeking Gambling Site Assistance

    I am seeking assistance for my gambling website. I am open to various solutions such as link building, Private Blog Network (PBN) services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or advertising strategies. If you offer such services, feel free to propose them. Alternatively, I'd appreciate any advice...
  8. Ilya Profitov

    New partnerships with affiliate program

    Dear friends, glad to our future acquaintance! I am an affiliate manager of an affiliate program and I am looking for a quality casino and betting traffic to Tier 1,2,3 countries. We can accept a large amount of traffic, I work with a lot of people. Also, there are exclusive products that are...
  9. A


    EMAIL: [email protected] Whats app: +92 311 3331201 Skype: [email protected] Telegram: +92 311 3331201
  10. hamid840

    off-page link building strategy for gambling blog

    hello guys! i'm working on gambling blog website , on-page and contents go on good but i don't know what is the best way for off-page link building. we have enough budget for doing that. i decided to order many guest posts and UGCs , not profiles and comments and sitewide links . in your...
  11. B

    Promotion of online casino

    Hello guys. I am sorry if this is not perfect topic for this category. I didn't knew where to post. I have an online casino, startup project. My question for you is, what is your advice for promotion? Currently, we have best results with affiliate marketing, but we want to try other methods too...
  12. TomTheCat

    I have a question

    I'm building a tool to discover hidden PBNs (sorry guys, we all have to eat) and I have a question related to PBNs, if someone wants to give me an insight, as I don't have too much experience with them. I've found two domains, on a ccTLD and the content is in English, related to gambling niche...
  13. D

    Google Adwords Campaign for Gambling

    I need a person who can run my ads campaign ı will pay %40 commission for everyspending ı will send money with btc, Target country TR , Please dont try to sell me an account ı need running my campaign After you get approval , and spend 2 usd ı will release %50 of your budget
  14. D

    Bet365 deposit method

    Hello, I want to ask if anyone here know any online virtual credit/debit card provider allowed to make deposit to bet365 bookmaker.
  15. rise520

    Is link shortening helping in terms of adwords cloaking ?

    Hey BHW experts, I have a few question regarding the Adwords Cloaking, my niche is gambling. 1) Does link shortening help in cloaking, how exactly it works ? 2) Should I use VCC instead or real debit card? Can I reuse debit card that got banned before? (got banned few times due to the...
  16. Shropdog

    Expired dom with wiki links but used briefly for casino

    I have found a £1 expired domain in my niche that has relevant wikipedia links and lots of good relevant others as well as a almost 20 da metric. The domain was used last year for casino for a few months, and has a moz spam score of 38. Is it worth taking a risk with this for a local...
  17. Jacob Martin

    Making money from website,YT channel and social accounts

    Hi My Name is Jacob Martin. I am a member in Blackhatworld for more than 8 years bu every time I forgot my user ids as well as password and it become tough to restore my forum account. This Time I copied and paste all my user ids and passwords in a notepad so that I can’t face such type of issue...
  18. M

    Hi all

    Looking for media buy freelancer / or company, that can send a large volume of players to the casino niche please ping for more info

    Lost everything in Gambling ...

    Hello BHW legends, I know this forum is not for sharing personal problems or addictions but as a part of this community and as an Internet marketer just like everybody here, i feel I need to share with you my story so if anyone read this, he can learn a lesson and not fall in the same trap. I...
  20. M

    Looking for PPC expert for the casino niche

    Hi all, Looking for PPC expert for the casino niche please ping me for more details. Regards, Matan.
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